Website Toolkit

Did you know that the Central Office can help you set up your Alpha's website? We can host your website through or help you set up an outside site. We can also provide your Alpha with public- and private-facing content pages to facilitate all Alpha online operations effectively.

For public-facing sites, we recommend several different options. We can build out a site directly through like the one Alpha Psi currently uses ( These sites have the same framing of the main Chi Psi website. One great benefit of these sites is that while your Alpha can maintain daily upkeep of the site, the Central Office also retains administrator access and can easily grant that to new Brothers as needed. We can also provide comprehensive training on-site editing. This prevents the problem that many Alphas have when website administrators graduate without passing on this information to younger Brothers.

If you want something with a different look, we recommend building something out with a free website/blogging service like WordPress or Blogger. We have built dummy websites through both of those to give examples of what you can do with those at and These services are very easy to use and come with lots of free templates to choose from. If you have Brothers with CSS knowledge, you can customize those templates much more to your Alpha's needs. Click here for a free webinar on using WordPress to build your website, or for more information on using these services please contact Teri Forsythe at As you can see we have redirected URLs through for both of those sample sites. While we cannot host these independent sites for you, we can provide you with a customized, redirected URL for your Alpha to distribute publicly. 

While some Alphas often have Brothers with web development experience build out attractive sites, sites often get neglected as those Brothers get busy and/or graduate without anyone else having knowledge of the site. Using these simpler services allows you to add and delete administrators so that is less likely to happen.

In addition to public-facing sites, we can also provide your Alpha with private-facing content areas to communicate and share information with undergraduate and alumni Brothers. Through Chi Psi's Online Community, all Alphas are given a private community group. As Brothers register, they are automatically placed into their relevant community group so it is an effective way to communicate with all Brothers of an Alpha. Several Alphas already utilize these community groups for a variety of different needs as these can be built out to serve your Alpha in many different ways. Check out Alpha Sigma's community group to get an idea of how your Alpha can use these groups.

Below are a number of backgrounds, images, and logos that you can use in building your website. Also below is a feedback form you can use to rate the usefulness of this resource and request additional assistance in developing your Alpha's website.