To visit, click the button above. Here are some frequently asked questions about the password-protected portion of the website. We recommend reading through these before visiting

Do I need to make a new account, even if I had an account on the old site? 

Yes. Everyone who wishes to use the new website, must make a new account. This may change later.

How do I log in to the new website?  

After you sign-up, it will take about 24-48 hours to approve your account. Following the approval, you will be able to login using the credentials you entered in during sign-up.

How do I update my information on the new website? 

After logging in, you will be brought to the home page. On the bottom of the page there will be three photos. Below the middle photo is a link to update your profile information. You will also be able to edit what information you would like to share with other users.

Why should I update my information? 

This helps the Central Office ensure that you are receiving the latest P&G, as well as any other communication materials. It also allows us to accurately contact Brothers in different regions for area alumni events.

Why should I use the new website?  

The new website comes with many more features than the old site, including, but not limited to, "Find a Brother (soon)," "Access your Giving History," and "Tell you Chi Psi Story!"

Will there be new features coming to the website? 

Yes! We are constantly working on adding new content to the website, so STAY TUNED!