Grant Programs of The Educational Trust

T. Denny Sanford (TDS) Fund Grants:

TDS Fund Grant requests will be considered, and may be awarded by the Trust, to assist with Lodge renovations of an Alpha. Applications will open on February 1 of each year, with emailed acknowledgement from the Trust due by May 15. Acceptance materials will be due by May 25, with funds dispersed by July 1.

Designated Fund (DF) Grants:

DF Grant requests will be considered, and may be awarded by the Trus,t to assist with scholarship, leadership, educational development programming, or the educational operational support needs of an Alpha. Applications, with Grant requests within the Alpha’s DF available funds, may be received at any time and will be reviewed within two weeks. Funding will be distributed within two weeks of Grant approval.


  • The Trustees shall direct and monitor the distribution of Grants and ensure consistency with the Trust's tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Expenses ineligible for Grants:
    • Food and beverage costs
    • Programs focused solely on improving one's Alpha or Fraternity membership experience, Alpha operations, or the fraternal community with no generally educational content that will be applied outside of Chi Psi or the Fraternity experience
    • Expenses related to programs located in, or in any way associated with, a location under a Level 3 or 4 Travel Advisory by the U.S. Department of State or a Travel Health Warning issued by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention at the time an application is reviewed, regardless of program approval status from sponsoring organizations
  • Chi Psi Fraternity members who are representatives of a known Chi Psi non-charitable entity must complete and submit all applications.
  • Grant funding is awarded based on Grant policies and guidelines, the quality of the application, and the mission and funding priorities of the Trust.
  • The Trust will notify authorized applicants via email whether or not their application has been selected to receive grant funding.
    • Notifications will be sent to the email address listed in the application
    • If an applicant is notified that it has been selected to receive funding, the applicant will be required to complete an award acceptance document
    • The Trust will provide complete information about acceptance requirements in the official award status notification message
  • All award acceptance materials must be received by the corresponding acceptance materials deadline.
  • Grant funding may only support expenses outlined in approved Grant agreements.
  • At the conclusion of the Alpha's program, Grant recipients will be required to submit a report documenting the use of funds, with receipts.
  • Any funds not used for the approved project must be returned to the Trust.
  • Entities that fail to submit a Grant report may be required to return all Grant funding in its entirety to the Trust.

Full policies and procedures for Educational Trust Grants.