Chi Psi - Strategic Vision 2023 - 2028

We appreciate your interest in helping drive and guide the future of Chi Psi Fraternity! Developing the Chi Psi Strategic Vision is one of the most significant undertakings our Fraternity will undergo and will touch all aspects of the administration and guidance of the organization. As volunteers, alumni, actives, and friends of the Fraternity, your input, and guidance are crucial to the success of this initiative.

Please see below for a breakdown of the different focus areas and a form to demonstrate your interest.


Areas of Focus

We have the following categories and are developing a specific subcommittee for each:

Advancement -
This subcommittee will focus on setting goals and investigating unique ways to garner talent, treasure, and time from our alumni. Working to progress the direction established by the Executive Council and Educational Trust giving initiatives through development opportunities, major gifts, and other significant fundraising initiatives are a priority of the organization. How can Chi Psi remain competitive and successful going into the future, fund meaningful educational programs, and how can we best leverage our ongoing success are key issues.

Infrastructure -
This subcommittee will focus on the organization's internal operations and recommend improvements to our overall operational structure. The Fraternity has many moving pieces; how do they all fit in, and how can it be done more efficiently?

Finance -
This subcommittee will focus on the financial health of the organization. The Fraternity operates numerous budgets and accounting solutions, both nationally and locally. This subcommittee will help identify opportunities for financial growth and better organizational practices. How can we ensure the organization is financially viable while preventing cost from being a major barrier to entry or retention for our active members?

Governance - 
This subcommittee will focus on the governance structure that ensures the organization's continued success. The Fraternity is only as strong as the bylaws and constitution that keep it operating and accountable. But with 33 Alphas and many corresponding alumni groups and clubs, how can we ensure compliance amongst all entities? What do we recommend vs. what do we enforce?

Education and Programming -
This subcommittee will focus on our existing educational programs and initiatives while simultaneously identifying gaps and redundancy in our supplemental education. In a Fraternity at 33 vastly different higher education institutions, how can we guarantee that our subject material is relevant and applicable everywhere? What programming do our undergraduate men need that they are not currently receiving?

Membership - 
This subcommittee will focus on the benefits of membership and develop long-term targets for Fraternity growth and extension. Do all our men have a similar undergraduate experience? What additional benefits can we be providing or advertising? Where should our Fraternity be in 10 years?

Alumni Engagement - 
This subcommittee will focus on identifying opportunities to better utilize, engage, and involve our alumni population. Our alumni are from a variety of Alphas, active and dormant, and live all over the world; how can we ensure that every alumnus has a role in the organization? How can we best connect and reconnect with our alumni Brotherhood and guarantee that the transition from undergraduate to alumnus is seamless? 

Lodge Operations -
This subcommittee will focus on best practices surrounding our Lodge properties' oversight, management, and maintenance. While many alumni entities own and maintain properties themselves, Spencer Properties has grown in recent years to provide Lodging solutions for five Alphas. What guidance do we need to provide our tenants, live-in advisors, and members of Alpha housing Corporations? How can we protect our most treasured assets and guarantee they will be available for future generations of Chi Psis?

Traditions, Rituals, and Historical Preservation - 
This subcommittee will focus on the rituals and traditions of the Chi Psi Fraternity and the need to preserve our most treasured documents and artifacts. The rituals of Chi Psi Fraternity are at the core of our organization's mission and purpose. The rituals bind us together as brothers for life. How do we best impart the significance of these ceremonies to our undergraduate Alphas? How can we, as an organization, inventory, catalog, preserve, and share the foundational artifacts and documents collected throughout our history?

Communications - 
This subcommittee will focus on the "what, why, and how" of Chi Psi's communications. In any given year, we have dozens of key updates, new initiatives, and news that are necessary to share. How do we identify and prioritize groups to receive these communications? What is missing from our existing communications? What do our stakeholders outside the organization want to hear from us, and how often?

As you can see, our latest strategic vision initiative is a top priority and important undertaking. Are you able to contribute to establishing our direction for the future? If so, we want to hear from you!

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