Chi Psi offers a plethora of recruitment resources to its actives, to ensure they have the best path to recruiting the best men. See below for Chi Psi's package of recruitment resources. If you are having trouble accessing any of these resources, please contact the Director of Education and Growth at or reach out to your Alpha Success Advisor.

ChapterBuilder 2.0 includes streamlined features to make your recruitment efforts better and faster. All Chi Psi Alphas and Colonies have access to a ChapterBuilder account. Stop saving dozens of numbers on your phone - utilize ChapterBuilder 2.0’s communication features to connect with Potential New Members (PNM) straight from the platform. Ditch the spreadsheet and organize your PNM's on a common dashboard that all Brothers can interact with to make recruitment more engaging. Interested in learning more about ChapterBuilder 2.0's features? Check out this Training & Onboarding course for free.

The Phired Up Recruitment Certification is a comprehensive online course that more than150 Chi Psi Brothers have completed since it was adopted in Summer 2020. It is free for all Chi Psi Brothers and New Members. Just follow the link, click "Get Started," and you are ready to go. Take your Alpha’s recruitment to the next level!

This Recruitment Manual features strategies and tactics on all areas of recruitment for your Alpha. Feel free to download and share this with your members!