Follow Chi Psi, Earn a Grant!

Receive a $250 Program for Excellent (P4E) grant just for following Chi Psi on social media!

Chi Psi is offering Alphas the opportunity to earn a $250 P4E grant just for following the Fraternity's social media accounts. The grant would come in the form of reimbursement for a P4E event. Once the Central Office can verify that 80% of a given Alpha's undergraduates follow Chi Psi on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the P4E grant will become available. All you have to do is email with proof that 80% of Brothers are following, and you're good to go!

[Note: We are aware that not all Brothers have social media, and that most have accounts on more than one major platform. So, the 80% figure will be taken from total social media membership among your Brothers in the Alpha. For example, if your Alpha has 50 Brothers in it, but only 40 Brothers have any kind of social account, and there are 100 TOTAL accounts in the Alpha, you'll need 80 of those accounts following Chi Psi in order to qualify.]