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Honoring our Military Brothers in Chi Psi - A Request

Wednesday, August 24, 2011   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Teri Forsythe
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Dear Brother:

As you know, the Chi Psi gentleman is a loyal, selfless Brother who gives of himself for the good of others. Since the events on September 11, 2001, these inherent Chi Psi traits have led many Brothers to serve in the United States military, sacrificing of themselves for our country. Chi Psi will honor each of these Brothers in the upcoming issue of The Purple & Gold.

We are working to compile a comprehensive list of Brothers who have served in the past decade. Below is a list of military Brothers we are currently aware of, but you will notice that several of those have missing information.

I seek your help to continue building our list. Please complete this form or contact Teri Forsythe at 615-736-2520. Likewise, if you can complete any information we currently have, send that information to Teri, and she will update the list. If you only have the Brother's name, please complete the form, and please do not assume we already have the information.

Thank you in advance for your help in honoring these Brothers.

Yours in the Bonds,


Sam Bessey
#23, Executive Director
Chi Psi Fraternity

First Name Middle Last Name Alpha Year Branch Rank
Thomas Nollner Alpha Delta 1971
Evan Hackett Wollen Chi 1994 USA Lt. Col.
Michael S. Anderson Chi 1998 USAF Maj.
Thomas Park Chi 2007 USN Lt. j. g.
Robert Stevenson Chi 2008 USN
Joseph Black Chi 2010 USMC 2nd Lt.
Matthew Sullivan Chi Delta 2007 USAF Capt.
Jeffrey Clemons Epsilon 1986 USA
Dave Goulet Epsilon 1986 USMC
Anthony Sera Epsilon 1988 USA Lt.
Gino Golia Epsilon 1988 USN Lt.
Peter Rubin Epsilon 1990 USMC
Jay Figurski Epsilon 2001 USA Capt.
Alex Banse-Fay Eta Delta 2010 USMC Lt. Col.
Alex Herr Eta Delta 2010 USN Petty Officer 3rd Class
Andrew Lunsmann Eta Delta 2010 USN Petty Officer 3rd Class
Nate Ariel Eta Delta 2012 USA Spc.
Stephen Gutschow Gamma 2007 USA Sgt.
Steven Pruyn Iota 1991 USCG
Karl Igler Iota 2003
Christopher Dike Iota 2004 USN
Nicholas Najjar Iota 2005 USA
Clint Rusch Iota 2005 USA CPT
Zac Tegtmeier Iota 2005
Matthew Heidt Iota 2007
Kurt Cooper Iota 2008 USA
Noah Drapacz Iota 2010
Dan Berman Iota Delta 1957 USAF
Jess Thomas Iota Delta 1964 USA
Dan Sullivan Iota Delta 1985 USMC Lt. Col. (Ret)
Stuart Satterwhite Iota Delta 1990 USN
Jett Johnson Iota Delta 1993 USMC Maj.
Jonathan Howell Iota Delta 1994 USA Maj.
Danny Youngblood Iota Delta 1994 USAR
Raymond Kimmel Iota Delta 1995 USN
Matt Herlihy Iota Delta 1996 USA
Christopher Meztista Iota Delta 2003
Bob Cain Iota Delta 2004 USN
Christopher Maston Iota Delta 2004 USAF Capt.
William Caporellie Iota Delta 2008 GA Air NG Staff Sgt.
Barry Marler Iota Delta 2010 USAF 2nd Lt.
Brent Hitchcock Iota Delta 2011 USA/ANG Sgt.
Thomas Christian Juneau Nu 2007 USA Spc.
Andrew Gurry Omega Delta 2007 USA
Mark D. Armour Omega Delta 2007
Robert A. Schlegel Omicron Delta 1985 USN Cmdr.
George Boras Omicron Delta 1987 USA
Tom Maurer Omicron Delta 1987 USN
Christopher H. Beckert Omicron Delta 1988 USA
Mark Robertson Omicron Delta 1989 USAF Capt.
John D. Hudson Omicron Delta 1994 USN
Neill Wente Omicron Delta 1997 USMC Capt.
Arthur Charles Barton Omicron Delta 1999 USAF Capt.
Eric Hannis Phi 1990 USAF/ANG Capt./Maj.
Keith A. Tyler Phi 2006 USA Staff Sgt.
Thomas D. Arm Phi 2008 USA 2nd Lt.
James Douglas Psi Delta 2006 USA Sgt.
Calvin Cunningham Sigma 1995 USA
Todd Rose Sigma 1996 USAF
David Pope Sigma 1997 USMC
Pat Cantwell Sigma 1998 USMC
Ben Smith Sigma 1998 USN
James Holstom Sigma 2002
James Haltom Sigma 2003
James Haltom Sigma 2003 USA Capt.
Joe Ahearn Sigma 2005 USAF Capt.
Steve Boycan Sigma Delta 1990
Andy Jones Sigma Delta 1990
Tom Kirk Sigma Delta 1990
Kevin Paul Lenox Sigma Delta 1990 USN CDR
Mark Potts Sigma Delta 1990
Christopher Tressler Sigma Delta 1990
Michael Lovelace Sigma Delta 1994
Eric Greitens Sigma Delta 1995
Michael Hirata Sigma Delta 2009
Matt Lyons Sigma Delta 2010
William Lacy Brakefield IV Tau Delta 2010 USA
Ryan Freeman Theta Delta 1999 USAF
Ryan Freeman Theta Delta 2000 USAF Maj.
Ryan Serrill Theta Delta 2001 USAF
Ryan Serrill Theta Delta 2001 USAF Maj.
Jason Wilbur Theta Delta 2002 USAF
Jason Wilbur Theta Delta 2002 USAF Capt.
Steve Ross Theta Delta 2003 USA
Stephen Leverkuhn Theta Delta 2010 USA 2nd Lt.
Nathan Witmer Upsilon Delta 2006 USA Capt.
David Hassan Xi 2001 USAF/USMC
Kyle Green Xi Delta 2010
Greg Briolat Zeta Delta 1988 USN Lt.
Kirk Muskina Zeta Delta 1989 USA Staff Sgt.
John Cronin Zeta Delta 1990 USMC

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