Chi Psi Madness

#ChiPsiMadness is an annual competition among active Chi Psi Alphas using a March Madness-style bracket. Seeding in 2024 is based on participation rates in recent years (Alpha Zeta Delta at Illinois receives the #1 overall seed for winning the 2023 #ChiPsiMadness tournament, for example), and Brothers can vote for an Alpha in each match-up all the way from the opening round until the championship.

Voting takes place across social media platforms. BONUS VOTES can be added to an Alpha's total by gifts to The Chi Psi Educational Trust (see below). This is a friendly competition, but there are prizes for the winning Alpha and the groups that donate the most to the Trust! Scroll down to learn more about #ChiPsiMadness. 

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How to Vote:

  • Facebook (visit each day's posting, react to each match-up with a like or a love)
  • Instagram Story (vote in the poll)

How to Earn Bonus Votes:

Make a gift to The Chi Psi Educational Trust to earn bonus votes! On your gift, note that it's for Chi Psi Madness, and for which Alpha(s)! Gifts to the Unrestricted Annual Fund of the Trust will earn double the bonus votes of gifts to an Alpha's Dedicated Fund.

Each gift of at least $17 will be worth 10 bonus votes, or 20 if given to the Unrestricted Annual Fund. Any gift of $100 or more will be worth 25 bonus votes (or 50 if given to the Unrestricted Annual Fund), and an additional 25 or 50 bonus votes will be added for each multiple of $100 (for example, a $100 gift would earn 25 bonus votes if given to a Dedicated Fund, and 50 bonus votes if given to the Unrestricted Annual Fund, but a $300 gift would earn 75 bonus votes if given to a Dedicated Fund, and 150 bonus votes if given to the Unrestricted Annual Fund).

If you have any questions about how bonus votes are allocated before you give your gift, contact Make sure you give gifts when the Alpha you hope to support is currently in a match-up, not already eliminated (though we encourage gifts at any time!).

NOTE: Make sure to denote which Alpha you are supporting with your #ChiPsiMadness gift. Otherwise, we will default to the Alpha you attended.

2024 Schedule (subject to change):

  • Sunday, Mar. 10: Play-ins
  • Monday, Mar. 11: Round of 32
  • Tuesday, Mar. 12: Sweet 16
  • Wednesday, Mar. 13: Elite 8
  • Thursday, Mar. 14: Final 4
  • Friday, Mar. 15: CHAMPIONSHIP

Voting from 12-8 p.m. EST each day.

Previous Winners:

  • 2019: Alpha Nu (Minnesota)
  • 2020: Alpha Chi Delta (Clemson)
  • 2021: Alpha Zeta Delta (Illinois)
  • 2022: Alpha Beta (South Carolina)
  • 2023: Alpha Zeta Delta (Illinois)

Prizes (subject to change): TO BE ANNOUNCED.

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Gashouse Golf Pineapple Paradise