The Gentleman's Journey

The Gentleman's Journey is an undergraduate-led podcast series created to highlight unique Chi Psi stories and share experiences, successes, and words of wisdom with all Brothers. It is part of the My Chi Psi Story initiative, and kicked off after Founders' Day 2021!

Episode 1: T. Denny Sanford, N '58

Episode 2: Bill Hattendorf, #7

Episode 3: Neel Lattimore, Σ '83

Episode 4: Julian Emerson, B '80, and John Boswell, B '82

Episode 5: Ali Farahnakian, Σ '90

Episode 6: Brian Heil, E '80

Episode 7: John Aitkens, AΔ '67

Episode 8: Sam Bessey, HΔ '97

Episode 9: David Seaton, B '83

Episode 10: Skyler Weinand, N '02

Episode 11: Chet Rohn, I '45

Episode 12: #23 Harold Arnwine, TΔ '86, NΔ '02, IΔ '23

Episode 13: Kevin Haynes, P '81

Episode 14: Saketh Thota, E '23, James Wishart, E '23, and Thejas Rengaswamy, E '24

Episode 15: Jordan Ranji, ET '24, Nathan Chapman, ET '26, and Franklin Wu, ET '24

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