The Spencer Institute

Held in conjunction with the Chi Psi Annual Convention, the Spencer Institute promotes leadership and national camaraderie. There are individual leadership tracks that focus on different positions and functional areas.

At the 181st Convention, the Spencer Institute tracks are designed for the #1s, #4s, #5s, and rising leaders within the Alphas. The workshops, led by professional trainers and alumni volunteers, emphasize leadership development, financial responsibility, and strategic planning. Undergraduates holding these specific positions should have already received an email to register. Please reach out to with any technical issues or questions.

Brothers receive comprehensive training focused on recruitment, Alpha administration, educational programming, and risk management while learning about the National Fraternity and interacting with Executive Council Members and Central Office staff.

To address particular concerns and problems which face #1s and #4s, the Institute contains several breakout sessions to help instructors provide answers and guidance. While #1s learn from their peers and focus on Alpha leadership and administration, #4s receive a rigorous overview of collection techniques, payroll taxes, taxes for nonprofit organizations, accounting, budgeting, and general financial responsibility. Altogether, the Spencer Institute supplies the tools to help Chi Psi's undergraduate leaders run an Alpha effectively.