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Program for Excellence: Educational Programs & Leadership Events
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The Program Request form can be found at the bottom of this page.


The Program for Excellence was implemented initially as an array of educational programming offered by The Chi Psi Educational Trust. Educational Programs, leadership events, and values-based education remain the cornerstones of the Program for Excellence and provide key developmental experiences for Chi Psi Brothers. Each provides a unique and beneficial experience. To schedule an educational program or register for an upcoming event, contact the Central Office. In most cases, the Educational Trust pays for all facilitator-related expenses for these programs.


1. Alpha Management Retreat (AMR)
In 1982, Chi Psi Fraternity launched its Alpha Management Retreat (AMR) program, designed to train present and future officers in effective strategic planning techniques. Since, it has helped our Alphas reach new heights of excellence. The AMR now serves as the Fraternity's primary tool for assisting you in the development and implementation of the Program for Excellence. It is conducted over a weekend day and led by a trained alumnus volunteer or Central Office staff member.


The AMR creates a working forum in which Alpha leaders discuss and design short-term and long-range goals for their Alphas. Facilitators use management and leadership experience to help undergraduate leaders design a plan for their Alpha and drive it toward success. Participants learn vital leadership skills and use them to improve Alpha operations.


By encouraging and providing guidance for each Alpha to become more successful, the AMR guarantees a positive and satisfying experience for each Chi Psi undergraduate who attends. The Alpha is responsible for procuring a quiet, isolated setting for the weekend. The Chi Psi Educational Trust, with the cooperation of Chi Psi alumni, bears the facilitator-related financial obligations for running the Alpha Management Retreat. The AMR should be held in each Alpha annually. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request an AMR.


To expand this event:

Pair the AMR with a similar retreat for the Alpha's Alumni Advisory Board. Both programs have separate facilitators who schedule joint sessions that facilitate mutual goal-setting and achievement. The Alumni Board Management Retreat (ABMR) has proven effective in increasing communication between the Alpha's undergraduate and alumni leaders. Additionally, the program helps these groups create a unifying vision and enables multi-level ownership of objectives and long-range plans.


2. Program for Self Development (PSD)
The PSD creates an opportunity for the participant to look inward and understand the importance of:

  • Personal Development – Understanding his own personality and how to use this understanding to reach his full potential.
  • Goal-Setting – Establishing short-term and long-term goals.
  • Mutual Assistance – Being more self-disciplined in relying on his own ability as well as on the strengths of others.

These three components of the PSD help him understand how he can contribute to his Alpha's overall pursuit of excellence.


While identifying their primary motivational strengths and learning styles, participants learn the importance and use of peer-group feedback. Participants also learn the consequences of improper goal setting and ways to recover from those effects. Since the program relies on both individual and group participation, it allows the participants to achieve a better understanding of one another.


This weekend program is usually conducted off campus, away from participants' normal routine. An alumnus PSD Facilitator provides assistance to the group and helps individuals acquire a greater degree of self-knowledge. Many former participants now use the principles of the PSD to plan both their professional and personal lives.


The PSD should be offered to each Brother at some point in his college career and held as an annual event for your Alpha. The Program is most effective for a pledge class or a newly initiated class of Brothers. By holding a PSD every year, every Brother will have the opportunity to participate. Restarting the program at your Alpha can be very difficult, so don't miss a year (even with a small participant class). Pledge classes need to be at least six weeks into their pledging period so that they already know each other fairly well. 


3. Program for Recruitment Development (PRD)
You've heard it before: Recruitment is the lifeblood of our organization. Our continued existence depends on quantity-driven high-quality recruitment. Alphas implementing the Program for Excellence will find year-round, dynamic recruitment highly conducive. The PRD should be held annually (if not each semester) as a refresher for the Alpha in the many skills and techniques that go into a quality recruitment program. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request a PRD.


4. Education, Responsibility, Action Program (ERA)
The ERA program is Chi Psi's values-based approach to the prevention of alcohol abuse, hazing, and other harmful activity. It addresses the inaction of those that observe harmful behavior yet do nothing to stop it and pleads with them to speak out. This program has saved lives, and is an effective way to further the values-based education of future Chi Psi Brothers.


This program should be facilitated annually for undergraduate Brothers and Pledges by a Chi Psi alumnus Brother. A serious discussion should follow regarding the values-congruence of the Alpha's collective behavior. The program takes between an hour and an hour and a half to complete. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request an ERA.


5. Risk Management Education (RME)
All Chi Psi undergraduate Brothers are required to purchase insurance through the national Fraternity. This coverage is extensive and protects us from personal liability in the event of an accident. As with most coverage, our insurance is governed by a list of restrictions on behavior called the Risk Management Policy. All Chi Psi undergraduates are expected to participate in one Risk Management Education unit online each year. These informative e-learning units educate our undergraduates on the specifics of our coverage and the behavior that can void it. It focuses on strategies for risk avoidance and safety measures all Alphas should implement to protect Brothers, members of the pledge class, guests, etc. Click here to access the online Risk Management Education units.


6. Oliver and Marie Rowe Regional Leadership Conferences
Perhaps the most exciting development in recent Chi Psi programming has been the refocusing of the Oliver and Marie Rowe endowment to re-establish regional conferences. Through Oliver and Marie Rowe Regional Leadership Conferences, The Chi Psi Educational Trust provides a national experience to each and every undergraduate and offers them the opportunity to meet and network with their peers to discuss common challenges and success factors. These conferences serve as a strategic research and program development tool for the Fraternity.

Rowe Regional Conferences are usually held in the spring, and your attendance is provided for by The Chi Psi Educational Trust. You will be reimbursed for travel expense to your region's conference, and all attendance fees are covered for those undergraduates that participate in the full day's programming.


Programming takes place from noon to 6:00 PM on Saturday. Host Alphas provide sleeping space for delegates from other Alphas, and attendees are encouraged to stay overnight on Saturday night (and Friday night if they like). Lunch and dinner are provided on Saturday for those that participate.


Please refer to the "Chi Psi Events” section of to find out when and where your region's Rowe Regional Conference will be held. Registration is also available online.


7. Spencer Leadership Institute at the Annual Convention
Held annually in conjunction with the Chi Psi Annual Convention, the Spencer Institute promotes leadership and national camaraderie. The Institute is designed primarily for #1s (Presidents) and #4s (Treasurers). Recruitment Chairmen and other interested undergraduates are welcome to attend the sessions. The workshops, led by professional trainers and alumni volunteers, emphasize leadership development, financial responsibility, and strategic planning.


Brothers receive comprehensive training focused on recruitment, Alpha administration, educational programming, and risk management while learning about the National Fraternity and interacting with Executive Council Members and Central Office staff.


To address particular concerns and problems which face #1s and #4s, the Institute contains several breakout sessions to help instructors provide answers and guidance. While #1s learn from their peers and focus on Alpha leadership and administration, #4s receive a rigorous overview of collection techniques, payroll taxes, taxes for nonprofit organizations, accounting, budgeting, and general financial responsibility. Altogether, the Spencer Institute supplies the tools to help Chi Psi's undergraduate leaders run an Alpha effectively. Please visit to learn about and register for the upcoming Annual Convention.


8. Mid-Year Leadership Retreat
In 2012, Chi Psi Fraternity will host its first national leadership retreat for #1s. This event will be held over a weekend in early January, and all #1s are encouraged to attend. Costs will be covered by the Fraternity and The Chi Psi Educational Trust. Programming will focus on leadership, conflict management, communication, and strategic planning skills as they pertain specifically to #1s. Please visit to learn about and register for the upcoming Mid-Year Leadership Retreat.


 Program Request Form:


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