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The Arch: Meet the Brothers
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Andrew Barrett ‘16
As a freshman studying Finance, I expect the best out of myself in all that I do. Serving as my Pledge Class President, I coordinated a Community Service Project with the Animal Shelter and made plans to turn the currently unused room in the Lodge into a study room.

Coming to Georgia from New Orleans, I did not know anyone at the University. It is a whole new world to me, and I still look forward to getting more involved in the University of Georgia, in Athens and in Chi Psi. I am currently looking into interesting clubs from which I could benefit by joining.

I spend a lot of my free time watching sports, listening to music and just hanging out with friends. Being from New Orleans I’m a pretty big Saints and Hornets fan. I will listen to just about any music, and I really enjoy being in Athens. I look forward to my next 4 years here.

Evan Brakefield ‘15
I am a sophomore studying chemistry with the intent to continue on to medical school or pursue a masters in chemical research. Either way, I plan to stay as close to Athens as possible after my undergraduate years.

An avid Georgia Bulldawg, I love watching the games on Saturday and take tailgating seriously. I always wake up early to make sure the lawn is set up to make our Brothers and guests feel as welcome as possible. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors and playing any sport. I take full advantage of the Blue Ridge mountains to hike
and snowboard, and during my last Spring Break I took a trip to Psi Delta to meet other Brothers, snowboard down Breckenridge (Colorado) and hike in the Flatirons. I have golfed since I was little and continue to use the UGA golf course when I get the chance. I am very social and always looking to make a new friend.

At UGA I am involved in Medlife, which provides medical aid to third world countries. This summer I plan to go to Ecuador for a week and volunteer with local doctors.

Chase Collum‘16
As a first year student, I’m still trying to "get my feet wet” here at the University of Georgia, working to experience a variety of interests in hope that I’ll find something that fits. I am pursuing a double major in Political Science and Criminal Justice with the intent to attend law school here at UGA. I participated in Mock Trial throughout high school and fell in love with the law, leading to my first internship with Smith, Welch, Webb, & White, LLC last summer.

I serve on the Freshman Council of UGA HERO s, which raises money for children impacted by HIV/AIDS. We try to bring joy to their lives through events like Fall Festival and HERO s Olympics. I also hope to join Freshman Greek Leaders learn the ins and outs of Greek life.

You can often find me watching YouTube. I watch everything from highlights of the last debate to this week’s most outrageous cat video. I love TV shows that involve law such as Suits or Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. I even make objections from my couch if I feel the characters made mistakes in their questioning.

Chris Franklin ‘13
I am from Bainbridge, GA. I am a senior pursuing my bachelors degree in Psychology and plan to pursue my PhD in Counseling Psychology. I am also a member of Psi Chi, the international honor society in psychology.

I am a Christian and my faith is a big part of who I am. That being said, I am on the leadership team at the Christian Campus Fellowship and I am also involved at the Baptist Collegiate Ministries.

Within the fraternity, I plan to run for Risk Management Chair during our November elections. Looks like I get to be the fun monitor! I work part time for the University of Georgia Food Services at the Village Summit and I am also a seasonal sales associate for Belk. I enjoy working, it makes me feel useful and fulfilled.

Jhamarcus Jones ‘14
A few years ago at only 16, I lost my mother to a two-year battle of cancer. Losing my best friend and mentor, I lost myself. Torment, pain and agony took over me. To make myself stronger, I turned my heart to stone.

On April 20th, 2012 I became a new man by becoming a Brother of Chi Psi Fraternity. I made it to college despite what the manipulated and skewed statistics said about me. In meeting the men of Chi Psi I felt a sense of love, compassion and belonging that I hadn’t felt in a long time. As a man of Chi Psi I have not only found friends that I can party with…I’ve found Brothers.

As a 3rd year student majoring in Human Development & Family Science, I hope to become an RN so that I can help people, not only the way my mom was helped, but the way Chi Psi has helped me. I work part-time at the on-campus bookstore, and I love crime-solving and vampire TV shows as well as playing Sims 3.

Jake Kumro ‘15
As a Genetics and Latin American and Caribbean Studies double major, I’m interested in too many things. I’m the service chair of MEDLIFE, a local and global medical service organization with whom I have traveled to Lima. I recently helped MEDLIFE earn an $8000 service grant from Volunteer UGA to construct a gravel parking lot and re-floor two school trailers in a Hispanic mobile home park. I am also a scribe at a local health care clinic and type up the electronic medical record during patient visitations.

I’m currently researching the aging gene of fruit flies. After medical school, I hope to work with the International Medical Corps and create a health facility in Latin America to provide healthcare and train locals as medical personnel to leave a sustainable system.

On a non-professional level, I’m a huge movie buff and dream of the day I can have a German Shepherd.

Matthew McCoy‘15
I am a sophomore studying Computer Science. I work at the UGA Recreational Sports Department as the Director of Marketing and Graphic Design. My passions include web design and graphic design along with playing guitar.

I grew up in Acworth with my parents, brother, and sister all of whom are near and dear to my heart. I currently serve as Member-at-Large on Alpha Alpha Delta’s executive board and also as unofficial t-shirt chair. I eventually want to work in web or mobile app design.

Andrew Rabanal ‘15
I am a sophomore Music Education and Theater double major and have tried to get involved in as many areas of college life as possible. I sing with Hodgson’s Singers and Classic City Jazz and am a member of Crescendo Performance ensemble and the UGA Club Ultimate Frisbee team. I’m the fundraising chair for the UGA Choral Association and perform in student movies in my spare time.

I work at a local Italian restaurant and am active in Chi Psi. I love playing guitar, piano and trumpet, but my focus in school is voice. I also enjoy playing soccer, ultimate frisbee and racquetball. I love acting. I find it engaging to be another person: to empathize with him, understand him, give him life and truly know him. I’m not entirely
sure where all this will take me in life, but I trust God will take me where he wants me to go.

Ben Reynolds ‘13
As a fourth year at UGA, I’ve followed a somewhat non-traditional path. I’m heavily involved in Foundation Fellowship as well as on the football team and have become a respected member of the team. As center, I lead the offensive scout team, and I have been elected president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, university representative at the conference level, and athletic representative on the Dean’s Advisory Board.

I’m a member of the honor’s college, and a Biology major on a pre-med track. In medical school, I plan to specialize in Orthopedic surgery to help "pay it forward” to future athletes.

I love to travel and have studied at Oxford University, explored the cloud forests of Costa Rica, wandered Tuscan hills, and traversed the Sahara by camel, but I still wanted an organization filled with upright, outstanding men, each of whom I’d be proud to be associated with. I wanted a history of honorable and exceptional deeds, a system of values and beliefs I could endorse without reserve. I’ve found that Chi Psi embodies all these things. I look forward to using my experience and skills to return this fraternity to its proper place atop the Greek system at UGA.

George Rincon ‘15
I come from a family of Colombian immigrants who hoped to find a better way of living by moving to the United States. A local Georgian since birth, I lived in Conyers, GA, for a huge portion of my life, but moved to Winder, GA once I entered high school.

I’ve worked with my father in his carpet cleaning company since I was 10, so I’ve grown up with a keen sense of responsibility and discipline being raised under the wings of a disciplinary father. I draw my biggest motivations to do everything successfully through my father’s dedication to my family, my brother Fabian’s success in graduating from law school at the University of Georgia in 2011, and my brother Diego’s legacy he left after his own sacrifice in the early stages of the Iraq war on March 29, 2003. Because my father successfully runs his own business, I’ve drawn my focus in college to more of a business outlook. I’m a Sophomore studying
Risk Management and Insurance, and I have high aspirations to one day become an actuary.

In my free time I lift weights and exercise in many different ways. I jog, play racquetball and hike. I am extremely interested in politics and am part of UGA’s College Republicans. I am also an active member of the Demosthenian Literary Society. I’m currently the Lodge Manager of Alpha Delta, so if there’s any complaint or concerns any of the actives have, I’m the guy they come to. I love meeting and networking with new people and strive to be a positive example to promote Chi Psi to both Greek and Non-Greek students by becoming a positive example.

John Shamoun‘15
In Alpha Alpha Delta I do my best to be as connected with the whole Alpha as possible. Sorority presentations are a specialty of mine. I have visited Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Omicron Pi and others to make sure the beautiful women of our Greek System know Chi Psi.

I am a sophomore Animal Health major on the Pre-Veterinary track. While I’m not planning on being a human doctor one day, I do need to have the interpersonal skills to talk with pet owners. I learned that this past summer when I worked at a veterinary hospital, shadowing two doctors as well as over a half dozen veterinary technicians. While there, I was given the opportunity to watch countless surgeries, and assist in several dozen under the supervision of the doctors. This experience opened my eyes to the field of animal healthcare and solidified my dream to pursue said career.

I am usually studying hours on end, and whenever I do catch a break, I’m either bonding with all of my brothers or heading home to be with my family and pets, who all mean everything to me. I also still maintain close contact with the doctors who I worked for, and they are always there to give me sound advice or answer any tough questions.

If you were to see me walking, or hobbling, since I’m quite accident prone, through campus, I’d probably be listening to classical, country, or rock music, whichever fits my mood best at that time. Even with all of the accidents that interfere, I am an avid wrestler and have earned the 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Garth Shaughnessy ‘15
As a Sophomore studying Public Relations I strive to better my name and the name of everything I am associated with. I work with The Odyssey, a Greek for Greek student paper, as the Greek Life Traditions coordinator and TEAM, a Formal/Semiformal planner for Greek organizations. Event planning is my long term goal. Originally my dream was to coordinate the runway for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and help coordinate runways for all other designers in the meantime. As fashion is not my only focus I chose Public Relations to start my career.

Working in the public eye, both up front and behind the scenes, is where I feel at home. I confidently promote events and push forward with plans, sometimes making up the rules as I go. I strive to make a strong reputation for myself and Chi Psi by reaching out to the local community. I am the guy that jumps at the chance to set up socials and other events that show our progress.

In the meantime, I enjoy games. Most of my conversations and goals are represented by my use of the phrase "Game on!” I only believe in winning and if I happen to make a mistake it is time for round two. My favorite color is yellow and I enjoy watching cartoons. I constantly sing "Glee” songs, mixed in with current Pop/Punk music.

Skylar Walker ‘15
I was born and raised in Georgia, which, along with the teaching of my father, has guided me to be the man I am today. I live my life staying true to the principles that "can’t never good” and "always use sir or ma’am” that were instilled in me at a young age.

With the belief that through hard work I can achieve anything, I have excelled in sports and in the classroom. Attending military school from 6th-12th grades taught me discipline, teamwork and how to lead by example. by my senior year of high school, I had established myself as a prominent individual in the community, respected for my academics, military rank, motivation and character.

I hope to continue living truly to these principles and strive to give back to the community in which I live. Other than Chi Psi, I am involved with Younglife, a Christian ministry that places positive Christian role models in the lives of middle school and high school students.

Pa trick Wheat ‘15
As a Sophomore working towards obtaining degrees in International Relations and Arabic Studies, the biggest challenge I face is my attempts to serve as many as I can, as well as I can.

This year at UGA, I am a Resident Assistant at the Creswell Community in charge of 28 freshman students, the Associate Editor in charge of National Politics for the Georgia Political Review, the Outreach Director for the political think-tank Nonpartisans for Progress, the International Center Director for the Roosevelt Society and a research assistant in the School of Public and International Affairs.

Putting all of these activities and jobs aside, I am a brother in Alpha Alpha Delta of Chi Psi Fraternity. This one aspect of my life bares specific mention, as this one gives me more satisfaction than the rest combined. Through Chi Psi I am able to work with gentlemen that are of a higher caliber than those I get to see in my average day. When I have the chance to connect with these men, who I am proud to call my brothers, I am able to get more out of my college experience and make friendships that I hope will last for the rest of my life.

My hope is that after I complete my undergraduate career here at the University of Georgia, I will be able to complete my graduate work in International and Public Policy analysis before starting a career working for the federal government.

In what spare time I have, I enjoy hanging out at the Lodge and working with my friends on a new project, whether it is watching the complete series of the Walking Dead in 24 hours or planning our next philanthropy project. When I am not at the Lodge, I can be found taking hikes around campus or watching Doctor Who.

Brady Yeater ‘15
I am a sophomore here at UGA studying Consumer Economics. Originally from Ohio, I moved to Georgia ten years ago with my family. I came to UGA from Cumming, Ga., where my family still lives now.

With a degree in consumer economics, I would eventually like to gather data about consumer spending information and consult for marketing corporations on target marketing.

In my spare time, I enjoy going playing disc golf and spending time with my girlfriend of two and half years. I enjoy classic rock music, rock and roll music and 90s hits as far as music goes. It was what I was raised on, and why change a good thing? Van Halen is my favorite band of all time, which is why one of my favorite disc golfing discs is a Van Halen licensed disc.

I hold a part time position stocking produce at Sam’s Club. It is tough, but a promotion may already be in the works after just two short months.

Chi Psi is a huge part of my life. I have fallen in love with the rituals and traditions that make Chi Psi so special, and I do everything in my power to preserve those rituals and traditions so future generations have the same chance to fall in love with them as I have.

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