Fraternity Awards

Jason Brovich Birge Award 2019

The Birge Award

The Stanley J. Birge Award was created in 1971 to honor former #7 Stanley Julius Birge, X 1908, I 1914, as "an exemplar of an enlightened alumnus, an influence for good in character and scholarship, a faithful visitor to his own and all Alphas and a dedicated member of the Executive Council.” It is given annually to that upperclassman in Chi Psi who, during his years as an undergraduate, "displayed exceptional loyalty and leadership in Fraternity affairs and whose contribution to Chi Psi has strengthened the brotherhood of man as well as the brotherhood of our Fraternity.”

2023 Recipient: Noah Horton, IΔ '23

THE Thayer Trophy

The Thayer Trophy is a bronze figure symbolic of Chi Psi achievement, first offered by Phillip H. Thayer,  BΔ 1910, in 1921. It is awarded annually to the Alpha that has made the most outstanding showing in the previous school year in all areas.

2023 Recipient: Alpha Iota Delta (Georgia Tech)

Delta Delta Thayer's 2019 1
Alpha Alpha Founder's Trophy 2019 2

The Founders' Trophy

The Founders' Trophy was created in 1974 in honor of the then #7 Oliver R. Rowe, Σ 1925. The Founders' Trophy is given annually to honor that Alpha which has made the most significant improvement during the school term.

2023 Recipient: Alpha Upsilon Delta (Wake Forest)

THE Goodbody Award

The Goodbody Award was the gift of John L. Goodbody, Θ 1908, and first awarded in 1949. It is awarded annually to that Alpha whose scholastic average compares most favorably with the all-men's average on campus and makes the best use of the programs of The Chi Psi Educational Trust.

2023 Recipient: Alpha Phi Delta (Kentucky)

Phi Delta Goodbody Award 2019
Steve Barber And Bill Royce DSA 2019

Distinguished service award

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA), created in 1939, is given from time to time to those alumni who have been loyal and devoted to our Fraternity and, who through the years after college, have rendered conspicuously distinguished service to Chi Psi and whom Chi Psi believes it fitting and proper to recognize and honor.

The Albert S. Bard Award

The Albert S. Bard Award, created in 1962, honors Albert S. Bard, X ’88, for his contribution to enriching the intellectual and cultural life of the community. It is given, on no set schedule, to those men of Chi Psi who have made such contributions to their communities.

Bard Award John Swallow 2019

Alumni Recognition Award

The Alumni Recognition Award is presented to alumni members of Chi Psi in recognition of continued loyalty and service to the Alpha and the Fraternity. You can nominate a Brother for an ARA here.

Financial Honor Roll Citations

Financial Honor Roll citations are awarded annually to Alphas which have maintained good financial records, kept accounts receiveable at a minimum, maintained a budget surplus for the year, and displayed fiscal responsibility in all areas of management.

Hiram L. Kennicott Literary Awards

The Hiram L. Kennicott Literary Awards are presented annually to Alphas which have maintained excellent communications with their alumni directly and through The Purple and Gold.