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Rowe Regional Conference: West Coast (Programming)

March 2


  • This event has passed.


University of Colorado

Alphas of all schools in the West Coast region are required to send Brothers to the Oliver and Marie Rowe Regional Conference hosted by Alpha Psi Delta at the University of Colorado.

Alumni in each region are welcome to join us for any of the Rowe Regional Conference activities. To register for the day’s programming, please fill out the form below. We will open dinner-only registration to alumni soon (not required of undergraduate attendees).

Sorry. This form is no longer available.

For any questions, contact zmishriki@chipsi.org.

Alphas in the West Coast region:

  • Delta Delta (Cal)
  • Psi Delta (Colorado)
  • Eta Delta (Oregon)
  • Theta Delta (Washington)
  • Xi Delta (Texas Tech)
  • Pi Tau (South Dakota Mines)