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Rowe Regional Conference: Mid-Atlantic (Programming)

February 17


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NC State University

Alphas of all schools in the Mid-Atlantic region are required to send Brothers to the Oliver and Marie Rowe Regional Conference hosted by Alpha Pi Delta at NC State University.

Alumni in each region are welcome to join us for any of the Rowe Regional Conference activities. To register for the day’s programming, please fill out the form below. The Mid-Atlantic Rowe Banquet will be held on Saturday, February 17, at 6:30PM. To register for the banquet, please click here.

Rowe Regional Conference 2024: Mid-Atlantic (PROGRAMMING)

MM slash DD slash YYYY

If you have any questions, contact nhorton@chipsi.org.

Alphas in the Mid-Atlantic region:

  • Sigma (North Carolina)
  • Omicron (Virginia)
  • Omicron Delta (Washington and Lee)
  • Upsilon Delta (Wake Forest)
  • Sigma Delta (Duke)
  • Pi Delta (NC State)
  • Omega Delta (George Mason)