Chi Psi for Change Committee

Chi Psi stands with our members of all races, creeds, sexualities, and beliefs. We see you, we support you, and we will continue aggressively pursuing a more equitable, diverse, and excellent population of men. This is a promise.

The Chi Psi for Change Committee (CPCC) is an undergraduate-led task force dedicated to identifying and addressing prominent issues facing the Greek community, such as exclusivity, barriers to entry, and toxic masculinity. The CPCC is working to hold ourselves and our peers accountable - from creating resources for undergraduates to installing new programs on campuses meant to combat specific, local issues.

It is designed to develop a thorough, transparent, and tested method to identify and solve those issues by having challenging conversations and finding creative solutions.

If you have any questions about, or interest in participating in, the CPCC, contact Zach Mishriki.