Alphas and colleges

Chi Psi has always employed a conservative approach to growth. The Fraternity has extended our Brotherhood to only 51 campuses since the founding in 1841. Our extension philosophy has helped to create an eclectic mix of Alphas (chapters) at the preeminent colleges and universities within the United States. Listed below are the active and dormant Alphas of Chi Psi.  For more information about a particular Alpha, please visit the Alpha's local website, contact the #1 (President), or the Chi Psi Central Office.

Nott Memorial on the Union College campus

Active Alphas

Chi Psi currently has 34 active Alphas representing some of the most respected institutions of higher learning in the country. Information for each, including websites, are below.

Pi Π Union College 1841 2008
Phi Φ Hamilton College 1845 1845
Epsilon E University of Michigan 1845 2022
Sigma Σ University of North Carolina 1855 1928
Beta B University of South Carolina 1858 1957
Gamma Γ University of Mississippi 1858 2013
Omicron O University of Virginia 1860 2015
Psi Ψ Cornell University 1869 2016
Nu N University of Minnesota 1874 1874
Iota I University of Wisconsin 1878 1878
Rho P Rutgers University 1879 2005
Xi Ξ Stevens Institute of Technology 1883 1883
Alpha Delta University of Georgia 1890 1890
Beta Delta Lehigh University 1894 1894
Delta Delta ΔΔ University of California, Berkeley 1895 1895
Zeta Delta University of Illinois 1912 1912
Psi Delta ΨΔ University of Colorado 1920 2011
Eta Delta University of Oregon 1921 1921
Theta Delta ΘΔ University of Washington 1921 1921
Iota Delta Georgia Institute of Technology 1923 1923
Kappa Delta Yale University 1924 2013
Tau Delta University of the South (Sewanee) 1964 1964
Chi Delta Clemson University 1972 1972
Omicron Delta Washington and Lee University 1977 1977
Mu Delta Rollins College 1977 1977
Xi Delta ΞΔ Texas Tech University 1983 2000
Upsilon Delta Wake Forest University 1986 1986
Sigma Delta ΣΔ Duke University 1989 1989
Pi Delta ΠΔ North Carolina State University 2002 2002
Omega Delta ΩΔ George Mason University 2003 2003
Rho Delta Miami University 2005 2005
Phi Delta ΦΔ University of Kentucky 2016 2016
Epsilon Tau ET Purdue University 2023 2023
Pi Tau ΠT South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 2023 2023

Extension Candidates

Florida State University

Dormant Alphas

Chi Psi Alphas have gone dormant at 16 other campuses around the country. We still have thousands of active alumni from some of these schools who contribute to (and enjoy full membership in) Chi Psi.

Theta Θ ­Williams College 1842 1963
Mu M Middlebury College 1843 1994
Eta H Bowdoin College 1844 1993
Alpha A Wesleyan University 1844 2023
Zeta Z Columbia University 1846 1885
Delta Δ Princeton University 1851 1859
Kappa K College of the City of New York 1857 1873
Upsilon Y Furman University 1858 1898
Lambda Λ Brown University 1860 1870
Chi X Amherst College 1864 2017
Tau T Wofford College 1869 1906
Omega Ω University of Rochester 1884 1889
Gamma Delta ΓΔ Stanford University 1895 1971
Epsilon Delta Northwestern University 1898 2012
Lambda Delta ΛΔ UCLA/U. of California, Irvine 1949 1994
Nu Delta Penn State University 1997 2004

Active Alphas by Region

A listing of active Alphas by region, which is helpful for annual events like the Oliver and Marie Rowe Regional Conferences.

Northeast Region: Alpha Pi (Union College), Alpha Phi (Hamilton College), Alpha Psi (Cornell University), Alpha Rho (Rutgers University), Alpha Xi (Stevens Institute of Technology), Alpha Beta Delta (Lehigh University), Alpha Kappa Delta (Yale University)

Southeast Region: Alpha Beta (University of South Carolina), Alpha Gamma (University of Mississippi), Alpha Alpha Delta (University of Georgia), Alpha Iota Delta (Georgia Institute of Technology), Alpha Chi Delta (Clemson University), Alpha Tau Delta (University of the South - Sewanee), Alpha Mu Delta (Rollins College)

Mid-Atlantic Region: Alpha Sigma (University of North Carolina), Alpha Omicron (University of Virginia), Alpha Omicron Delta (Washington and Lee University), Alpha Upsilon Delta (Wake Forest University), Alpha Sigma Delta (Duke University), Alpha Pi Delta (North Carolina State University), Alpha Omega Delta (George Mason University)

West Coast Region: Alpha Delta Delta (University of California, Berkeley), Alpha Psi Delta (University of Colorado, Boulder), Alpha Eta Delta (University of Oregon), Alpha Theta Delta (University of Washington), Alpha Xi Delta (Texas Tech University), Alpha Pi Tau (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology)

Midwest Region: Alpha Epsilon (University of Michigan), Alpha Nu (University of Minnesota), Alpha Iota (University of Wisconsin), Alpha Zeta Delta (University of Illinois), Alpha Rho Delta (Miami University), Alpha Phi Delta (University of Kentucky), Alpha Epsilon Tau (Purdue University)