Hazing Prevention Programming

In 2016, Chi Psi partnered with EverFi to use their hazing, alcohol abuse, and sexual assault prevention educational programming called GreekLifeEdu. We take every precautionary measure available to prevent hazing, abuse, and assault in any form. Our partnership with EverFi was designed to further train and assist our members in facing these critical issues.

In 2021, GreekLifeEdu was updated to CommunityEdu. CommunityEdu is a series of online courses targeted for students in fraternal organizations. It leverages trends and incorporates evidence-based learning theories to help achieve behavior change objectives and educate members on safer decision-making. The purpose of CommunityEdu is to help our members to develop the skills to understand and prevent hazing, sexual & dating violence, and substance abuse. The program incorporates mental health learning as well.

CommunityEdu provides necessary data to Chi Psi so we can continue developing targeted programs aimed at risk management and reduction. Every Chi Psi new member at each Alpha is required to complete the CommunityEdu coursework during the semester they accept their bid. To learn more about GreekLifeEdu, contact Director of Education and Growth Daniel Walker at dwalker@chipsi.org.