Chi Psi Fraternity Opposes All Forms of Hazing

For individual members targeted, hazing damages their self-esteem. From an organizational perspective, hazing degrades and contradicts the values of the Fraternity. Hazing is a crime, and those who participate should expect to be punished.

Chi Psi Defines Hazing as Follows:

Any action taken or situation created by any member, whether on or off Alpha, Colony or Fraternity premises, with or without the consent of another party, used to punish, harass, embarrass, intimidate, create discomfort, abuse, torment, criticize, ridicule, create unnecessary, needless, unpleasant, disagreeable, difficult, absurd, abusive, offensive, or ridiculous tricks or tasks, including those of a foolish, deceptive, or fraudulent nature. 

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Personal servitude (doing errands, providing transportation, etc.)
  • Line-ups.
  • Unreasonable tests and/or learning or memorizing needless information.
  • Any type of deception which creates anxiety.
  • Sleep deprivation or requiring new members to spend the night in places other than the new member’s residence.
  • Unreasonable commitment of time to any type of task.
  • Taking new members on unplanned trips.
  • Demanding attendance at meetings without reasonable notice.
  • Tasks such as cleaning or event set-up unless these tasks are required for all members.
  • Participation in activities for the amusement of members.

Report Hazing Concerns

If you are a New Member, active member, family member, or friend of someone who you feel is being hazed, please report your concerns.

Anti-Hazing Hotline

The reporting can be anonymous and is transmitted to Chi Psi almost immediately.

Additional Resources

You can also report any hazing concerns to:

Chi Psi Central Office
(615) 736-2520

Please include the name of the school where the concern exists and any details you are comfortable providing.