Chi Psi Officially Welcomes Texas A&M University Colony

Chi Psi Fraternity is pleased to announce that at its April meeting, the Executive Council unanimously approved a petition from a group of 15 students at Texas A&M University to become a Colony of Chi Psi. The men initially approached Chi Psi about affiliation in the fall, and staff has been working with the men since that time.

Some of these students from Texas A&M attended the 9th Annual Mid-Year Leadership Retreat in January and the West Coast Rowe Regional Conference last month. A group of Chi Psi alumni in College Station, TX and surrounding areas have been recruited to serve on the initial advisory board for the Texas A&M Colony, and these alumni had been meeting with the undergraduates before social distancing. Now, they are continuing to meet with the men and advise them virtually.

Chi Psi looks forward to opportunities to share more of the Colony’s story with you. Staff is developing a virtual educational program to teach the men more about the Fraternity. If all goes well, they will continue their development as a Colony during the 2020 – 2021 academic year and petition the Convention in summer 2021 to become Chi Psi’s 49th Alpha, of which 32 are currently active.