Alpha Iota Delta's Century Challenge

Alpha Iota Delta (Georgia Tech) is hosting the 182nd Annual Convention in July 2023. The event, in Atlanta, Georgia, celebrates the Alpha's 100th anniversary. As part of the festivities, the Alpha Iota Delta Corporation is raising funds to help the Alpha better compete with other fraternities on a growing campus in the coming years. Learn more about the Century Challenge and donate below.

A quality Brotherhood begins with a strong first impression in recruitment. Many fraternities on Georgia Tech’s campus have the means to build brand new mansions and have been doing so for several years. With the Brother Robert B. Plunkett Lodge going into its 28th year of serving as a home for us and our Brothers, it is quickly falling behind in a fraternity arms race against other houses that have bigger and better amenities.

The goal of the Century Challenge is to build on the successes of the past 100 years to meet the challenges of the next 100 years with the generosity of 100 devoted Brothers.

By our 100-year anniversary in December 2023, we hope to have 100 Brothers giving at least $20 per month to safeguard the Lodge for the next 100 years. Every dollar given will be used for the medium and long-term stewardship of the Lodge.

After having a successful 100 years of existence as an Alpha, Iota Delta needs help from its Alumni to ensure we not only survive, but thrive, for the next century. We plan to implement small-scale renovations in the short term to keep the Lodge looking presentable and comfortable for the actives and prospective members, as well as medium- to large-scale renovations or a rebuilding of the Lodge in the long term. We appreciate any support you can provide!

AID Century Challenge Graphic