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It is a trying time for our communities, and Chi Psi is not excluded from this. With the temporary shuttering of many of our Lodges, and with all academics moving to an online format, many - if not all of you - were significantly impacted by COVID-19 and the necessary response by our higher education institutions. Most of you are likely worried or apprehensive about how this crisis will impact your Alpha in the long-term. It bears repeating that the Central Office is and will be here to support you while we patiently wait for classes and communities to return to normal.

While COVID-19 has essentially eliminated all in-person fraternal operations, we must not lose focus and allow ourselves to become complacent. The situation might ease in time to allow for formal recruitment in the Fall, but we should not rely on that possibility. Instead, we must discuss how we can be proactive with recruitment during this period. How do we set ourselves up for success, when face-to-face interaction is significantly limited? How do we convey the meaningfulness of the Chi Psi commitment to a Potential New Member (PNM)?

Below, you will find recommendations from the Chi Psi Central Office on how to continue - and even improve upon - your recruitment plan. Keep in mind that many of your peers in other organizations will not be changing their recruitment structure, so this is our opportunity to not only differentiate ourselves but provide the welcoming experience Freshmen should come to expect. If you find this resource to not be specific enough to your Alpha, we encourage you to reach out to Daniel Walker, Director of Education and Growth, at the Central Office at We are happy to work with you and your Alpha leadership to put together a tailored plan that works for you. You can see the Central Office's recruitment webinars HERE. 

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Recommended Practices

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Recruiting with Alumni

If you have alumni willing and eager to help with recruitment, consider yourselves lucky. Not all Alphas have enough alumni nearby to make a meaningful impact on recruitment. First and foremost, remember that these alumni are volunteering their time to help. Even if you are not always on the same page as your alumni helpers, make sure that you and the Alpha are constantly treating them with respect. However, remember that an organization is judged by all of its members, alumni included. While rare, if you find yourself in a situation where an alumnus is acting inappropriately, they should be asked to leave the event immediately. Likewise, any recruitment policies that undergraduates follow must also be followed by alumni. This conversation, if needed, should happen well before Potential New Members arrive at an event.

Should alumni be present at recruitment events?

The answer to this depends on your Alpha, and what has worked successfully in the past. If you already expect and rely on alumni input and engagement, nothing should be changed. If you are welcoming alumni into the process for the first time, you might be apprehensive. We recommend incorporating alumni in a targeted way, by giving them the floor to talk about their experience at some point during the recruitment process. This should be a structured meeting, with the alumni being available for questions afterward.

Remember: the success of recruitment falls squarely on the shoulders of you, the undergraduates. Alumni should usually not be a part of the deliberation process unless specifically allowed in your Alpha Bylaws. 

How do I know which alumni to contact/How do I ask them for names of PNMs?

The Central Office can help with this. We are happy to share an active list with contact information for all alumni from your Alpha, and those within close proximity to your campus. While the number of names they submit will usually only be a handful, that built-in connection makes these highly-rated prospects and immediately worth reaching out to.

The Alumni Engagement Coordinator, John Jackson (, can help you get in contact with your local alumni leadership, should you not already have a relationship.

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