Remote Philanthropy

We know a lot of you were looking forward to your spring philanthropy events this past semester. Though you can't do much in-person volunteer work right now, there are multiple ways to still give back from a virtual setting. In fact, some of our Alphas and Brothers are already all over that! With so many people in need of help right now, definitely make setting up some kind of virtual philanthropy a priority. You can do more than you think! Check out these helpful hints:

How to Transition to Virtual Philanthropy

  • Did your Spring event get cancelled? HERE is some virtual event, auction, etc. content
  • HERE is how you can adapt or replace your planned fundraising event
  • Brush up HERE on best practices for online fundraising
  • Redirect your efforts toward awareness of, and advocacy for, your philanthropic cause (HERE)
  • Provide Brothers, alumni, and friends of the Alpha with ways to safely serve their communities during the pandemic HERE