Remote New Member Education

So, you just secured an excellent new class of men right before COVID-19 hit your campus. Maybe you got them all initiated and started educating them on Chi Psi, but didn't have time to get very far into it before you had to go your separate ways. How do you keep those New Members engaged and educated in a difficult time like this? It won't be your typical plan, but the tips below will help. Be open to trying new things to keep the New Members learning about the Fraternity!


  • Continue New Member education lessons remotely via Zoom, Google Hangouts, or another video conferencing service. Screen share materials as needed and record for reference.
  • Assign readings and brief assignments to ensure completion.
  • Involve alumni in your New Member education who may otherwise have been excluded.
  • Try assigning one alumnus to each New Member for weekly, brief phone calls.
  • Keep New Members engaged in Alpha operations and remote meetings and/or recreational activities.
  • Have your New Member Educator plan specific New Member meetings bi-weekly to keep the New Members engaged until initiation.