Remote Alpha Meetings

GroupMe, Slack, and other messaging apps are convenient for basic conversation between Brothers, and especially useful right now! However, you need to have ways to see each other face-to-face and discuss important Alpha content on regularly scheduled days each week. You want to continue your regular Alpha meetings from home to ensure operations continue to run smoothly over the summer, and everything is in place whenever you can return to campus. Here are some ways you can stay on top of this: 

Regular Meetings
  • Use Zoom or another video conferencing platform to hold regular meetings with the entire Alpha (try twice monthly, to start)
  • Hold EC meetings once a week and brainstorm ways to get through everything on your agenda, without asking your Brothers to be on video calls every day
    • Are there ways you can plan, vote, etc. without forcing everyone onto a call?
  • If you have any big initiatives coming up (philanthropy, for example), make sure the Brothers who are in charge of these things are also meeting regularly
  • Try mixing in the occasional fun Brotherhood night - this could be a toast, a roast, a Netflix watch party, a gaming night, or something else entirely
  • If you have Potential New Members or New Members who need to be engaged and educated, try including them in some meetings and group chats that you may not have had them in during a normal time

Other Meetings

  • If you are asking the entire Alpha to meet once a week, or even once every two weeks, try mixing in that Brotherhood meeting to get everyone together without an official agenda
    • These can be mental health meetings, member-led P4E's, seminars with special alumni guests, or something else entirely
  • Ask upperclassmen to choose 1-2 PNMs or New Members each and check in with them on video chat each week so they can keep them engaged and answer any questions about Chi Psi that the new guys may have
  • Watch our virtual Emmons AMR with your Brothers, or any number of Chi Psi's other YouTube videos, tutorials, seminars, and P4Es