Remote Academics and Finances

Make sure you stay on top of your grades during this difficult time! We know the transition to Zoom classrooms and online exams may be a strange one, but your grades are of the utmost importance. Letting your schoolwork slide can affect your standing both with your University AND with Chi Psi. If you need assistance with resources from your school, reach out to an administrator or a position holder in your Alpha to see if they can offer help. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

To get more information on where your school stands with their COVID-19 policies, check our landing page HERE.

  • Without study rooms and study hours on campus, it is harder to track Brothers' academics
    • EC's can remedy this by meeting with everyone via video chat individually, discussing their current grades, and talking about what they may be struggling with and any issues they have transitioning to virtual classes
  • Share the University's existing resources for projects and exams for each class and each Brother
  • Try organizing tutoring or study groups within the Brotherhood, even if they have to be remote 
  • Send out regular reminders via text about when exams are coming up
  • Send out regular reminders via text for how to stay motivated, and to remind Brothers that taking a break is good for them sometimes!

As for finances, each Alpha’s financial situation is unique and nuanced, especially at this time. Please reach out to Central Office staff and/or your Alpha’s Alumni Board or Corporation if you need financial advice or support.