COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 crisis has become a complicated hurdle for all Chi Psis. With a necessary move toward digital learning initiatives by colleges and universities, and some form of stay-at-home mandates in effect from most state governments, we understand if you're feeling lonely, bored, or unproductive.

Even in this difficult time, the Central Office is available to help you grow the Bonds of Brotherhood and ensure a smooth transition back to "normal" life - whenever the time comes. Following the guidance on this page can help you connect with your fellow Chi Psis, find ways to grow your Alpha, and keep you entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Good leadership, especially at a time like this, can guarantee a better future for your Alpha and the Fraternity as a whole. In fact, even as we practice social distancing, we believe Brotherhood has never been so important.  Below, you will find a list of priorities and resources that may help you get through this critical time.

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To get important updates on the COVID-19 policies of each of our host institutions, as well as general tips on staying healthy, please visit our school-specific Coronavirus landing page. If you have other ideas for ways Brothers can stay connected and engaged, please email them to

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Keeping in touch with your Brothers is essential during a time like this. Continue to use your group messages on GroupMe, Slack, etc. to talk with each other. It may be easier to set weekly times to hang out or keep a regular meeting of Executive Council members on the books. FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts are other good programs for staying connected.

Staying engaged with New Members and PNMs

It is important to keep your New Members (and Potential New Members!) engaged and make them feel supported, but not overwhelmed. Treat your New Members as you would any active Brother, and think of creative ways to encourage them to participate in the virtual activities you plan. Try connecting them with alumni or legacies who can help instill the values of Chi Psi.

Hosting virtual elections

We understand that many of you will still need to host elections. Luckily, there are resources out there to make virtual elections very possible! Feel free to reach out to your Alpha Visitor if you have questions on how to run a virtual election.

How to transition positions

For officer transition, try creating a transition document for each position that outlines its responsibilities and expectations. Google Drive is a good cloud-sharing service for this. Set up calls between incoming and outgoing position holders to discuss important information.

Be sure to prioritize

It's never too early to prepare for next semester, but make sure you prioritize! Focus on the important things to keep the Alpha running, and save the fun stuff for later. Example: if you need Brothers to sign leases for the fall, that should be done before you even think about setting up social events. If you are an alumnus planning ahead for a Chi Psi event in your region, make sure to keep Kyle Phillips in the loop!

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This is a good opportunity for you to explore new ways for your Alpha to grow. Plan for recruitment, which will look a lot different in the coming months. Look for creative ways to be philanthropic from home. Expand your Alpha's social footprint. Finish your Fraternity to-do list. Attend virtual Chi Psi events, or watch the recordings from earlier P4E's, webinars, and more.

Planning for recruitment during a pandemic

This process will look different this summer, and maybe even in the fall. It's important to plan for these changes. Make good use of ChaterBuilder, social media, and other virtual resources to keep recruitment going. You can always reach out to the CO's Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Jeremy Dorn, for help with design, outreach, and more.

To learn how to use ALL of ChapterBuilder’s features to recruit your next class of men to your Alphas, sign up for a demo HERE. You can create an account or login to the platform HERE. If you have any questions about the process or program, contact Director of Education and Growth Daniel Walker, ΞΔ '17.

NEW: Do you want to become a certified recruiter through PhiredUp's digital classroom? This is an exciting opportunity to improve your Alpha's recruiting chops and be ahead of the curve in attracting the best PNMs your school has to offer. Learn more here!

Planning virtual philanthropies

Look for creative ways to continue your philanthropy campaigns during this pandemic. You can always plan ahead for next semester's philanthropy, too. Look to your fellow Brothers for inspiration on how to manage philanthropy virtually.

Expanding your Alpha's reach

Expand your Alpha's reach! If your Alpha isn't running regularly-updated Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, now is the time to fix that. The CO also has free alumni newsletter templates if your Alpha is not sending one consistently, or if you just need to refresh it. Contact for help on social media and newsletters (Alumni Corporations, Clubs, and Groups, this goes for you, too!).

Finishing your to-do list

Here are a few things you might have more time for now that we're all stuck at home:

  • Is all of your programming done? Did those who need to finish Kognito and GreekLifeEdu do so? 
  • Start planning your social and Brotherhood events, even if we don't know exactly when they can take place yet.
  • Connect to other Chi Psis on LinkedIn. The Chi Psi Fraternity LinkedIn group, which has well over 4,000 Brothers in it, is a fantastic resource for networking within the Brotherhood. Now is also a good time to re-connect with alumni who might be able to support your Alpha.
  • Subscribe to the Chi Psi YouTube channel. We've been releasing virtual seminars, P4E's, and more since March. We're trying to get to 100 subscribers!
  • You can work on applying for (and winning!) Greek, college or University, and Chi Psi awards.
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Stay Entertained

Nobody likes being stuck at home this much. But there are lots of ways to keep yourself entertained from home. There are also a lot of ways to stay close with your Brothers, even from a distance. Most undergraduates today are probably already experts, what with social media, video games, live streaming, and more. But here are a few options we came up with.

Ways to virtually hang out with Brothers

Nothing beats getting together with your Brothers in person, but you can still hang out virtually. For example:

  • Play video games online
  • Play online poker
  • Start a "Netflix Party"
  • Try virtual workouts with each other
  • Take a virtual tour of a museum or national park
  • Start a virtual study group

If you need to pair off for any type of activity, try a random number generator online to determine groups.

Check out Chi Psi media

Why not listen to a new podcast, or read a new book, or find some new music during the pandemic? Here's a working, growing list of works by or about Chi Psis if you want to keep it in the Brotherhood.

Try some new hobbies

This is an excellent time to try a new hobby or learn something you've been putting off. Try your hand at a new instrument, or a new language! Finalize that portfolio and resume you want to use for applying for jobs and internships. Try improving your chef game with some new recipes, and share the best ones with your Brothers! Or, what about a virtual book club with your Brothers? Maybe a mail, book, game, or puzzle swap?

Support your Brothers

Many businesses are hurting right now, so if you need to order groceries, meals, or other items, look for a Brother (the LinkedIn group is a good place to start!) who might own a small business or Etsy shop that you can support.

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For many people, this isolating time can be difficult. Additionally, if any friends, family members, colleagues, etc. are dealing with COVID-19 personally, they may be in a rough spot. We ask Brothers to check in on each other as much as possible. Even a simple phone call from a Brother you haven't seen or spoken to in years can brighten someone's day. Stay in touch, and stay healthy!

Take care of yourself with Talkspace

It's extremely important to take care of yourself. Support your Brothers, too, and encourage them to utilize resources like Talkspace if they need someone to talk to in private about their mental health.

Each Chi Psi undergraduate gets three FREE months of Talkspace, which is a confidential, fully licensed, digital therapy service. Even if you've used the Chi Psi free code in previous school years, you're still eligible. The Central Office covers the cost of three months, but will never know if you've joined. To get your undergraduate Chi Psi code, email

Look at some other resources

Look to the North American Interfraternity Council (NIC) for their excellent COVID-19 resource page. There's also PhiredUp and their cache of free resources, and their blog! And their Social Excellence Project!

Take a course on happiness

Digitally audit the most popular course in the history of Yale University, The Science of Well-Being - absolutely free! You and some of your Brothers could jump in and do it at the same time.

Get some fresh air

Get outdoors. Take care of your physical health, too. Whether it be a daily walk around the neighborhood, a backyard workout, or a simple stretch, getting a little exercise and fresh air is more important than ever. You can try apps like Calm or Headspace for meditation inspiration, if that's your type of self-healing!

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Central Office: FAQ

Jeffrey Hall is open again, but we are prepared to work remotely if the pandemic necessitates it. Regardless, all CO staff are working normal hours. We are trying to keep all members informed and continuing to share updates on our social media channels regularly. In addition, we have started a Chi Psi blog to highlight the awesome things Brothers are doing from home. For more FAQ's, see below. If there's a question you have that is not answered, email

How are you communicating with alumni?

Besides this website and our social media channels, we do sent out occasional emails and monthly newsletters to our alumni. If you haven't been receiving communications from the Central Office, make sure your information is updated in our system so we won't miss you!

How are you communicating with undergraduates?

We are in regular communication with undergraduate leaders of each Alpha via email, in addition to social media. Our Alpha Visitors have been meeting virtually with every Alpha's #1, and multiple CO staff members are staying connected with the Alpha Executive Councils. The actives are receiving weekly newsletter updates.

I would like to attend a virtual Chi Psi event or program! How do I do it?

Scroll up to the middle of this page and see our calendar of virtual events! Many are on teleconferencing apps like Zoom, but some will be streaming live on Chi Psi social media, too! You can register for the teleconferencing events, or just follow along on our social channels. Please note that many events will give deference to current actives.

Can I get help setting up my own virtual event, meeting, or seminar?

Of course! Email a request to and it will be shared internally from there. The appropriate contact will reach out as soon as possible.

What about Annual Convention?

This year, for the first time ever, we are holding a virtual Annual Convention! It is called the virtual 179th Celebration and takes place on Saturday, September 26th.

We were really excited to have this in-person event in Boulder, CO, but it became impossible, given the current situation. Follow our social media to video recaps of the 179th Celebration!

Is there a place I can read about the things Brothers are doing during the pandemic?

Yes! You can read our blog, follow us on social media, or check our press releases. We will have an all-digital version of the P&G coming out soon and then back on our regular printing schedule for the fall and spring issues!

What if I need help coping with the pandemic?

See the section above called "COPE." Though the special Talkspace offer is only available to Chi Psi undergraduates, it is a worthwhile program for anyone to use! We highly encourage Chi Psis of any era to look into digital therapy if they are seeking help. You can always reach out to the Central Office staff, too.

But how do I get in touch with the CO if you close again?

Don't worry, we're still working no matter what! To contact a specific CO employee, just email (first initial)(last name) For example, to contact Marketing and Communications Coordinator Jeremy Dorn, you would email You can also call the Central Office at (615) 736-2520 and leave a voicemail that will be forwarded to the correct staff member.

I have a cool story to share about myself or another Chi Psi Brother! How do I submit?

Great question! You can send Brotherhood program ideas, blog pitches, story leads, photos, and anything else that you think we might find interesting to

What are our Alphas going to do about recruitment, New Member education, philanthropy, etc.?

We've got you covered! Scroll to the very top of this page and click on any of the purple buttons to take a deeper dive into suggestions, tips, and resources on each of those topics. We're also in touch with the Alphas regularly on how to better perform Fraternity tasks during the pandemic.