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The COVID-19 crisis has become a complicated hurdle for all Chi Psis. With a necessary move toward digital learning initiatives by colleges and universities, and some form of stay-at-home mandates in effect from most state governments, we understand if you're feeling lonely, bored, or unproductive.

Even in this difficult time, the Central Office is available to help you grow the Bonds of Brotherhood and ensure a smooth transition back to "normal" life - whenever the time comes. Following the guidance on this page can help you connect with your fellow Chi Psis, find ways to grow your Alpha, and keep you entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Good leadership, especially at a time like this, can guarantee a better future for your Alpha and the Fraternity as a whole. In fact, even as we practice social distancing, we believe Brotherhood has never been so important.  Below, you will find a list of priorities and resources that may help you get through this critical time.

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To get important updates on the COVID-19 policies of each of our host institutions, as well as general tips on staying healthy, please visit our school-specific Coronavirus landing page. If you have other ideas for ways Brothers can stay connected and engaged, please email them to

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Keeping in touch with your Brothers is essential during a time like this. Continue to use your group messages on GroupMe, Slack, etc. to talk with each other. It may be easier to set weekly times to hang out or keep a regular meeting of Executive Council members on the books. FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts are other good programs for staying connected.

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This is a good opportunity for you to explore new ways for your Alpha to grow. Plan for recruitment, which will look a lot different in the coming months. Look for creative ways to be philanthropic from home. Expand your Alpha's social footprint. Finish your Fraternity to-do list. Attend virtual Chi Psi events, or watch the recordings from earlier P4E's, webinars, and more.

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Stay Entertained

Nobody likes being stuck at home this much. But there are lots of ways to keep yourself entertained from home. There are also a lot of ways to stay close with your Brothers, even from a distance. Most undergraduates today are probably already experts, what with social media, video games, live streaming, and more. But here are a few options we came up with.

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For many people, this isolating time can be difficult. Additionally, if any friends, family members, colleagues, etc. are dealing with COVID-19 personally, they may be in a rough spot. We ask Brothers to check in on each other as much as possible. Even a simple phone call from a Brother you haven't seen or spoken to in years can brighten someone's day. Stay in touch, and stay healthy!

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Central Office: FAQ

Jeffrey Hall is open again, but we are prepared to work remotely if the pandemic necessitates it. Regardless, all CO staff are working normal hours. We are trying to keep all members informed and continuing to share updates on our social media channels regularly. In addition, we have started a Chi Psi blog to highlight the awesome things Brothers are doing from home. For more FAQ's, see below. If there's a question you have that is not answered, email