Annual Convention

Our annual gathering is one of the oldest, most traditional events in the fraternity world.

Since its inception in 1845, four years after Chi Psi’s founding, the Convention has met every year except for 1847 and a three-year interim during World War II.

In 2021, we planned to celebrate the 180th Annual Convention in Eugene, OR, hosted by Alpha Eta Delta at the University of Oregon. Unfortunately, due to precautions taken by the state government in Oregon around the pandemic, we are no longer able to host in Eugene. However, we WILL be having an in-person Convention in Raleigh, NC at North Carolina State University.

The 180th Convention will take place from July 21-25, with exact dates and times for events to be announced soon. Lodging will be available for active delegates and alumni attendees. Anyone attending on-campus events will be required to show proof of vaccination by the university.