Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Chi Psi is more than just your four years of college; it is a lifetime Brotherhood. There are so many ways to stay active in Chi Psi after graduation - from participating in an Alumni Club, to working with an individual Alpha, to serving the Fraternity in a high-level volunteer position. If you are an alumnus interested in volunteering for Chi Psi, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and someone from our staff will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you for your interest in working with the Fraternity! 

The Corporation

Housing an Alpha is a large responsibility with many considerations. The Corporation's job is to own and manage the Lodge. Responsibilities include ensuring payment of property tax, working with the Alpha to keep the building up to city codes, acting as landlords, overseeing general maintenance, and small and large scale renovations. Corporations play a large part in capital campaigns for the benefit of purchasing or renovating a Lodge. The Corporation's ownership of the Lodge should preclude its board members from participating in advising activities, especially those related to recruitment, PNM education, initiation, and the social agenda. They should focus on the management of the property and the Alpha's plant assets.

The Educational Foundation

Scholarship should be a top priority for every Alpha, assistance in which should be a top priority for an Alpha's alumni. Every Brother attends a college or university primarily to gain an education. An Alpha's local Educational Foundation exists to promote and support the Alpha's academic endeavors. A distinct Educational Foundation can apply for 501(c)(3) IRS status, and all contributions made by alumni to it are tax-deductible. 

Alumni Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is responsible for facilitating the undergraduate experience through advising, coaching, and mentoring activities. Its members coordinate alumni outreach and provide a communication bridge between undergraduates and the greater alumni constituency. They provide conflict resolution support and serve as stewards of the Alpha's vision and long-term plan.

Educational Program Facilitator

The Chi Psi Educational Trust provides funding for a variety of educational programs for undergraduate Brothers. Programs like the Alpha Management Retreat and the Program for Self Development provide undergraduates with leadership development opportunities while teaching valuable skills that Brothers can use long after they graduate. These programs rely on Chi Psi’s volunteer alumni facilitators who dedicate the occasional free weekend to guide our young men through their Chi Psi experience, creating developmental opportunities for our undergraduates not found elsewhere.

Alumni Club and Young Alumni Club Leaders

Alumni Clubs provide alumni with an outlet for Chi Psi involvement with less time commitment than most other volunteer roles. These are purely social entities for alumni, so the level of participation can be determined by individual Brothers and Clubs based on the need of the Club. Clubs can be led by a core group of alumni or a large network of men volunteering in very specific roles.

National Board Members

Throughout the year, the members of the Chi Psi Executive Council make decisions that guide the organization forward. The Council meets in person three times per year and uses the full extent of technology to bridge these together. While the Council makes governing decisions for the Fraternity, Chi Psi educational endowment is managed and dispersed by the Trustees of The Chi Psi Educational Trust. These men provide Central Office staff with guidance in the allocation of funds for educational programming, scholarships and fellowships, and leadership-training events.

Interest Form: Program Volunteers

Please complete this form if you are interested in serving as a Chi Psi program facilitator for the Brotherhood Workshop, Emmons Alpha Management Retreat, or Program for Self-Development. More information about these programs can be found at

Interest Form: Program Volunteers