Oliver and Marie Rowe Regional Conferences

Perhaps the most exciting development in recent Chi Psi programming has been the refocusing of the Oliver and Marie Rowe endowment to re-establish regional conferences. We are now in our third year of hosting Oliver and Marie Rowe Regional Leadership Conferences across the country. We are providing a national experience to each and every undergraduate and offering them the opportunity to meet and network with their peers to discuss common challenges and success factors. These conferences serve as yet another research tool for us through which to enhance our programs. Through data gathered at last year’s conferences, the Central Office provided updated pledge education materials at the next Convention. These materials are truly by the Alphas, for the Alphas.

Due to the uncertainty of travel in the United States right now, planning for the 2021 Rowe Regional Conferences is tentative. If necessary, Chi Psi will still run the conferences from a virtual setting.