Mental Health Resources

Chi Psi takes the mental health of its members - especially active undergraduates - very seriously. In 2018, we introduced the "Chi Psi Cares" initiative, which combines three pillars of mental health support for our actives.

College can be a difficult time, beset by high expectations from professors, peers, family, and more. It is often a student’s first long tenure on his own, and social aspects of the experience can be rewarding, but also overwhelming. The mental health of our undergraduates is a priority at Chi Psi, and we never condone activities that interfere with their well-being. Chi Psi takes a strong stance against hazing, assault, hate, etc. You can read more about the Chi Psi Cares program here.

Chi Psi actives can access BetterHelp via the invite emailed to their school email address or by clicking the logo above. Each active gets up to four free sessions and a discount on continued service after that. Chi Psi will not know if you sign up for this free and discreet service. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call or text 9-8-8 for the new national crisis hotline.

BetterHelp is an online therapy service designed to make mental healthcare more accessible to everyone. Betterhelp's network of over 30,000 licensed therapists has helped millions of people take ownership of their mental health and work towards their personal goals. Every current Chi Psi active has access to up to four sessions with a trained mental health professional via an invite emailed to their school email address. If actives continue beyond those four sessions in a given year, they will receive 30% off the regular user rate. Chi Psi will NOT know if a member signs up for the free service. This is designed as a way for young men to discreetly handle personal, academic, and professional issues that may be negatively affecting their mental health. This pillar of the Chi Psi Cares program is labeled “Help Yourself.”

To get started, actives can also click here to get matched with a BetterHelp therapist within 24 hours!

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Mental Well-Being for Students is an online learning module delivered by Vector LMS that equips undergraduates with essential skills and information to navigate the stressors and emotional challenges associated with college life. The course helps learners practice self-care, recognize when they or their peers are in distress, and take action to find additional support. It is required for Chi Psi members the semester they join. This pillar of the Chi Psi Cares program is called
“Help Your Brothers.”

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Lastly, the Chi Psi Central Office is committing to promoting men's mental health, de-stigmatizing seeking help, and raising awareness around mental health challenges for undergraduate students in general. Chi Psi shares #MentalHealthMonday posts on social media and sends out monthly "Chi Psi Cares" newsletters with the explicit purpose of spotlighting mental health. This communication keeps Chi Psi Fraternity's resources and support front of mind for actives and alumni. As the final pillar of the Chi Psi Cares program, this ongoing support system is known as             “Help Others.” You can now also dial 9-8-8 if you are having a mental health crisis and reach the new support hotline.