Leadership Training Events

Rowe Regional Conferences

The Oliver and Marie Rowe Regional Conferences are endowed by and named after the Rowe family. Oliver Rowe, Σ '25 was one of the most active #7's in Chi Psi’s history. Even before being elected #7, he traveled across the country from Alpha to Alpha spreading lessons on what he termed the "Program for Excellence."  

In the spirit of Brother Rowe’s commitment to connecting Alphas with a common purpose, Chi Psi provides a localized national experience to each Chi Psi region to offer undergraduates the opportunity to meet and network with their peers. Rowe Conferences take place at five separate Alphas across the regions in February and March each year, and are tailored towards the specific challenges and goals of that region's Alphas.

The Spencer Institute

Held in conjunction with the Chi Psi Annual Convention in July, the Spencer Institute promotes leadership and national camaraderie. Each Alpha is expected to have at least three delegates attend on behalf of their organization.

The Spencer Institute is broken up into leadership tracks based on the needs of our Alphas that particular year. The #1s, #4s, and Recruitment Chairmen are the sponsored delegates of the 182nd Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. The #5s will have a supplemental educational experience for those Alphas that can send the additional delegate and cover their expenses.

Brothers receive comprehensive training on their focus area and risk management while learning about the National Fraternity and interacting with Executive Council Members and Central Office staff.

Mid-Year Leadership Retreat

The Mid-Year Leadership Retreat (MYLR) is Chi Psi Fraternity's key leadership training and development program. The January four-day retreat in Fairview, TN brings every Alpha's #1 together to learn from and help teach each other those skillsets necessary to pursue their Alpha's goals. Attendees are immersed in all elements of Alpha administration, leadership, and motivation. #1s are taught to lead with their Alpha's purpose and leverage Chi Psi values toward success.