Alpha Executive Resources


Here you'll find helpful resources for position holders in your Alpha's Executive Council. The full build-out is coming soon. For now, #1's can download a PDF version of the #1 Handbook here. (Note: All links coming soon!)

To see this year's Risk Management Policy and Crisis Response card, click here:

Below is the online version of the #1 Handbook, but it is also available for download in PDF form here (coming soon).

This handbook is organized into the three primary sections of "Leading Your Alpha," "Being Your Alpha’s Front Man" and "Being Your Alpha’s Administrator" with corresponding sub-sections within each to more clearly define your role and help you best serve your Alpha as #1.

The #1 is…
A Leader
Your Brothers elected you to lead. They expect you to identify Alpha objectives and pursue them diligently. They expect you to set the tone and show them the way toward success. This includes setting an example. Your attitude toward certain activities and stakeholders will permeate throughout the Alpha. It is essential that, as a #1, you make decisions that drive your Alpha toward success. You have countless resources available to you that will help you decide what decision to make. It is up to you, however, to make the decision and implement it. Your biggest potential pitfall is doing nothing...the absence of decision making, complacency, apathy, etc. Make decisions. Act! Leverage your resources and lead your Alpha toward success.
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • #1's Checklist
  • Delegate or Do?
  • Officer Position Summaries
  • Strategic Planning

A Front Man

One of your primary responsibilities is the representation of your Alpha to the outside world. You will attend IFC meetings, speak at alumni gatherings, greet parents, and interact with the Central Office. You will be the first impression many have of your Alpha and our Fraternity. To ensure that this impression is positive, you must always conduct yourself as a gentleman. This manual details many of the relationships you must manage as your Alpha’s #1.

  • The Alpha, Pledges & Recruits
  • Parents & Alumni
  • Campus & Community
  • Fraternity Volunteers & Staff

An Administrator

Your peers elected you because they think you have the ability to make their Alpha work. You were undoubtedly elected on a platform through which you promised to improve certain aspects of the Alpha’s operation. You must be familiar with each and every detail concerning the Alpha’s day to day operation. These small and seemingly inconsequential tasks must be executed flawlessly if you expect to advance your Alpha during your term as #1. Spend your first few weeks in office ensuring that these daily routines are efficient and expedient. This manual details many areas of Alpha operation with which you must be familiar to succeed as #1.

  • Governance & Bylaws
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Program for Excellence
  • Recruitment, Pledge Ed & Initiation
  • Working with the Central Office
  • Conflict Management & Resolution
  • Leadership Transition
  • Meeting Structure & Dynamics
  • Communication
  • Social Networking
  • Mental Illness

Additional Resources for #1s