Alpha Annual Reports

Part 1: Written Annual Report

Click here to download the Word document template for the written portion of the Annual Report.

The completed Word document must be submitted to prior to June 14. You will then receive feedback from a Central Office staff member. Once you have received this feedback and made any necessary edits, you may proceed with the online form below (in which you will submit the final version of your written report).

Part 2: Online Form

This annual report will serve two purposes. Primarily, it will assist you in showing the national Fraternity the many ways in which 2019 - 2020  was successful for you. We want to know what you accomplished, where you may have stumbled, and how we can assist you moving forward. Secondly, and even more importantly, this report will help you catalog for your successor the way in which you used your term to advance your Alpha.

This report will be completed in two phases. The first consists of a Word document in which you will describe your Alpha's operations in the areas of risk management, general administration, finances, recruitment, pledge education, initiation and the Program for Excellence. A quality draft of that phase is due to the Central Office ( NO LATER THAN June 14. From there, you will proceed to the online benchmarking form below. For this you will need:


  1. Final grade report
  2. Community service hours
  3. Alpha Budget
  4. Alpha Roster
  5. List of awards and honors received from university

This portion of the Annual Report will not be editable after submission so please be sure you have provided all information before submitting. This portion is due NO LATER THAN July 1. This report will be used to evaluate your eligibility for Fraternity awards. Any Alpha whose report has not been received by the due date of July 1 may be ineligible for awards. Likewise, non-submission of the report will result in the removal of your Alpha from the accredited rolls for Convention and your Alpha’s delegation will not have a vote.

If you have any questions, contact Emily DeWitt ( or Daniel Walker (