Britt, Michael

Michael R. Britt, ΔΔ '10, X '11, Executive Council Member

Michael lives in Oakland, CA where he works as a municipal advisor. He is currently Vice President of Montague DeRose & Associates, where he serves as a financial advisor to California municipalities and public school districts. A mathematician and educator by training, Michael remains actively involved in inner-city schools, volunteering as a mentor to local urban public school teachers and serving as co-chair of Creating Balance in an Unjust World, the National Conference on Math Education and Social Justice, in conjunction with the UCLA Mathematics Project.

Michael has been an active member and leader within Chi Psi since undergraduate, attending three Chi Psi schools: Amherst (Chi), UC Berkeley (Delta Delta), and Stanford (Gamma Delta). He was the 2011 recipient of the Stanley J. Birge Award. As an alumnus, Michael currently serves as a member of the Alpha Delta Delta Alumni Advisory Board and co-chairs the Chi Psi Alumni Association of San Francisco.  He joined the Executive Council in 2020. Much to the disdain of his Delta Delta actives, he admittedly wears both Cardinal red and Cal gold to the Big Game and shares an equal love for all of his alma maters.