Central Office

The Central Office (CO) is the national headquarters of Chi Psi, and it is housed in Jeffrey Hall in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Central Office acts as a contact center for undergraduates and alumni and handles all operational services for Chi Psi. Contact the Central Office about New Member notifications, initiation processing, button orders, badge orders, and Chi Psi Story orders. The CO should also be contacted for educational materials, scholarship applications, alumni lists, Convention information, and merchandise.

Creation of the Central Office headquarters dates back to 1913, when the Convention established the office to take on the details of administering Chi Psi Fraternity. The CO started in New York City, also serving as a general meeting place during World War I for Chi Psis in the service who were traveling through the area. It was moved to Madison, Wisconsin, for two years, then to a long-term home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for 55 years. It then had stops in Olympia Fields, Illinois, and Hendersonville, Tennessee. In late 2006, Chi Psi moved into its permanent home in Nashville.

If you are interested in employment with the Chi Psi Central Office, please click here for information. If you are interested in becoming a summer intern for the Central Office, please complete this application.

Get to know the CO staff below!

Jeffrey Hall

Central Office

45 Rutledge St., Nashville, TN 37210
Phone: (615) 736-2520
Fax: (615) 736-2366

ChiPsiStaff 22

Harold G. Arnwine, TΔ '86, NΔ '02, IΔ '23

Executive Director (#23)

Ask me about:

Central Office Management
High-Level Inquiries
National Leadership Boards
Bylaws and Finances

Bessey 2

Sam Bessey, ΗΔ '97

Chief Advancement Officer

Ask me about:

Donations to Chi Psi
Alumni Relations
Capital Campaigns

Beeson 1

Donald Beeson, Σ '82, ΥΔ '86

Associate Executive Director

Ask me about:

Risk Management
Convention Planning
Conduct Issues/Campus Relations

Phillips 1

Kyle Phillips, ΠΔ '16, Ψ '17

Assistant Executive Director

Ask me about:

All General Inquiries
Alumni Clubs and Volunteers
Bylaws and Finances

Habat 3

Steve Habat, B '12

Director of Advancement

Ask me about:

Donations to Chi Psi
Giving Initiatives
Dedicated Funds
Planned Giving
Fundraising at Your Alpha
Alumni Events

Walker 3

Daniel Walker, ΞΔ '17

Director of Education

Ask me about:

Chi Psi Educational Trust Programs
Leadership Events
New Member Education
Staff Training & Development
Scholarship & Fellowship Program

Dorn 1

Jeremy Dorn

Director of Marketing and Communications

Ask me about:

The Purple and Gold
Chi Psi Blog
Public Relations
Social Media
Marketing and Branding

Jackson 3

John Jackson, ΠΔ '20

Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Ask me about:

Events and Alumni Clubs
The Chi Psi Store
Shipping from the CO

ChiPsiStaff 13

Zach Mishriki, MΔ '20

Membership and Growth Coordinator

Ask me about:

Extension and Growth
Membership Inquiries
Recruitment Resources
Alphas with Recruitment Priorities
Chi Psi for Change Committee

Wise 1

Alex Wise, AΔ '19

Professional Development Coordinator

Ask me about:

4 Pillars Program
Rituals and Traditions

ChiPsiStaff 1

Jaxon Leverty, N '23

Extension Specialist

Ask me about:

Current Candidate Alphas
Recruitment Support

Hattendorf Cropped No Back

Bill Hattendorf, AΔ '69, Σ '82, H '83, ZΔ '19

National President (#7), Chi Psi Historian
Diaz 1

Jesus Diaz, Γ '16

Alpha Success Advisor

Ask me about:

Northeast Alphas
The ASA team

Vetter Headshot

Martha Vetter

Business Manager

Ask me about:

Central Office Administration

Vail 1

Andrew Vail, XΔ '20

Alpha Success Advisor

Ask me about:

Southeast Alphas

Carden Headshot

Kerry Carden

Administrative Assistant

Ask me about:

Central Office Administration

ChiPsiStaff 8

Noah Horton, IΔ '23

Alpha Success Advisor

Ask me about:

Mid-Atlantic Alphas
Outdoor Leadership Program

Richardson, Jay

Jay Richardson, ΩΔ '24

Alpha Success Advisor

Ask me about:

Midwest Alphas
Chi Psi Cares
The Gentleman's Journey

Artman, Nathan

Nathan Artman, HΔ '22

Alpha Success Advisor

Ask me about:

West Coast Alphas