The Chi Psi Executive Council

The Chi Psi Executive Council is composed of 11 alumni, five undergraduates, the #7 (National President) and his predecessors, the #23 (Executive Director), and one advisor. The Council is presided over by a Chairman (currently Kurt Wells) and Vice-Chairman elected from among its alumni members. The President is the symbolic head of the National Fraternity and presides at Fraternity functions where no other person is designated to preside, currently Bill Hattendorf.
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The Chi Psi Central Office

The Chi Psi Central Office acts as a headquarters from which the day-to-day management of Alphas and alumni services is conducted, and serves as a central contact point. It is headed by the #23 (Executive Director), currently Sam Bessey. 

The Chi Psi Educational Trust

Chi Psi created the first educational foundation in the fraternity world with the establishment of the third enitity, The Chi Psi Educational Trust. The Trust contributes to the educational development of the undergraduates through leadership and service programs. Its Trustees are headed by a Chairman, currently Steve Crow. 
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