The Purple and Gold

The first issue of The Purple and Gold was issued in 1883 by an editorial board of undergraduates from Hamilton College, Amherst College, and Rutgers University. Part of their editorial in the first issue was their statement of purpose:

Chi Psi has reached another milestone on the road of her history. It marks a long stretch of progress, made with a steady advance, and betokens even better results for the future. When a society issues a paper devoted entirely to her interests, it proclaims the fact that it is doing deeds worth chronicling, that its members are moved by an earnest desire to better know each other’s actions and feelings, that they seek a closer union and fellowship.

Our first and prime object is to bring all Chi Psis, graduates or non-graduates, into a more intimate knowledge of the doings and success of every Alpha north, east, south, and west. In this way, one Alpha may learn the lessons of another’s success and profit therefrom, and may, if necessary, help that other in its failings.

The graduate, thus, who has seen many years of service in the outer world, may see here reflected something of his own college days, when Chi Psi was just struggling into that strong and active life that has characterized her ever since: that the non-graduate, with all his life before him, may receive a measure of inspiration from the example of his older brethren.

Since 2006, issues of the P&G have been made available in a digital format. To see digital Annual Reports of The Chi Psi Educational Trust, click here.