Pathways to Excellence

The Pathways to Excellence is a key initiative in structuring and facilitating the development of the complete Chi Psi Brother. A fundamental goal of our Fraternity is to build better men. Successful implementation of the Pathways to Excellence will ensure that our Brotherhood consistently produces Chi Psi alumni who leave their collegiate experience prepared to lead and achieve.


Equipped with the knowledge, skills, and networks gained throughout the Pathways to Excellence, these Brothers can go on to become better employees, employers, fathers, husbands, and leaders in their communities. While a number of fraternal organizations offer opportunities for self-development, the Pathways to Excellence distinguishes Chi Psi from the rest. The program presents a blueprint for success which will lead to increased alumni engagement, additional benefits of membership, and a fortified national affinity for Chi Psi.

The enduring result of our efforts today will be an enriched undergraduate experience and an elevated network of Chi Psi Brothers, more closely connected than ever, and primed to maximize their individual and elective potential.


INFORM: Get actives interested in personal and professional development through relevant workshops, mini-lessons, and opportunities to connect with established alumni.

MENTOR: Match actives with mentors who are experts in their fields of interest, including business, software development, user experience design, marketing, politics, and more.

INTERN: Connect actives with relevant internship opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to for resume building and professional growth.

EMPLOY: Give actives access to employment opportunities to facilitate their career development and professional growth.

If you have any questions about Pathways to Excellence or how to get involved, contact Alex Wise at