Pathways to Excellence: Mentorship

The MENTORSHIP pillar is designed to provide Chi Psi alumni and actives a convenient way to connect, no matter where they are located. It provides the ability for each to create a profile allowing them to connect based on shared interests and experiences. These can be academic, professional, or social. The ultimate goal is to provide the mentee with information that allows them to make better decisions as they navigate through their academic and professional careers. This will give actives an opportunity to access a wealth of knowledge while making critical, life-changing decisions. Expectations of Mentors and Mentees are below.


  • Commit to 1-2 hours/month to talk or meet
  • Minimum term commitment is 16 weeks (~4 months)
  • Be willing to share information, answer questions, and give feedback
  • Agree to full confidentiality
  • Commit to being open and honest
  • Share successes and failures
  • Be an active listener and be willing to understand your mentee's point of view
  • Build a working partnership
  • Lead by example


  • Share your goals and objectives
  • Be willing to accept critical feedback
  • Understand your objectives for entering the mentor-mentee relationship
  • Commit to 1-2 hours/month to talk or meet