The #36 Position

Most Alphas have quite a few elected EC positions, like the President (#1). The position of Alpha Communications Director (#36, formerly "Alpha Editor") is also now required to be part of every Alpha's Exec. The #36 position has been around for several decades, but has faded into obscurity over the past few years. Some Alphas may still have a #36, or some version of it. Here is the updated guidance for the new and improved Alpha Editor role within each Alpha:

The #36 becomes the go-to guy at each Alpha for the CO's Director of Marketing and Communications. He will be the direct pipeline for content, public relations, website management, newsletter curation, and more for his Alpha. The Central Office will ask you for photos, story ideas, blog pitches, P&G assistance, and more.

The #36 will have a few specific REQUIRED responsibilities:

  • Manage (or oversee management of) the Alpha’s social media channels (if your Alpha does NOT have social media, you will be required to begin that process)
  • Learn and understand the Chi Psi Crisis Comms Plan, Chi Psi Style Guide, and Chi Psi Brand Standards
  • Curate 1-2 alumni newsletters each calendar year for your Alpha
  • Maintain (or create) your Alpha’s website or webpage on the Chi Psi website

Other things we expect from the #36:

  • Be quick to respond and easy to communicate with
  • Very occasional interfacing and/or brainstorming with Central Office and other #36’s
  • Willingness to poll the rest of your Alpha when necessary for data and feedback essential to CO marketing initiatives

If the specific #36 position does not fit within the scope of your Alpha’s EC, we expect it to be a “volunteer” position that is still filled and held to the same standards. If you already have a position under a different title (PR Chair, Social Media Chair, etc.) at your Alpha, we will integrate any #36 items into that existing role or find a good balance of responsibilities.

Any Brothers who have interest and/or experience in communications, marketing, public relations, etc. might be a good fit for this position. Start considering who amongst your Brothers would be good at it and/or interested in it! Send any outstanding questions to