#23 Transition

Sam Bessey, HΔ '97, has been the #23 of Chi Psi since 2002. After 20 excellent years in that role, Brother Bessey will be transitioning into the position of Chief Advancement Officer (CAO). The official transition will take place at the 181st Annual Convention in July 2022. Fore more information about the transition, see our press release. Frequently asked questions about the decision can be found at the bottom of this page. The formal search, interview, and hiring process for a new #23 will begin in January 2022. A job description and application will be available soon.

Please watch Brother Bessey's short message:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Brother Bessey leaving his position as #23?

This transition allows Brother Bessey to focus solely on the strategic fundraising needs of Chi Psi.

2. How does this transition affect the rest of the Central Office Staff?

Overall, this is expected to be a boon to the Central Office staff for several reasons: first, it allows for a re-prioritizing of fundamental goals and a more equitable re-allocation of duties. It develops a long-necessary full-time Advancement team, headed by Brother Bessey, to ensure current and future needs of Chi Psi are met. Finally, it allows for the minimization and elimination of distractions for the entire staff, as the Advancement team’s singular goal will be to attaining established objectives and organizational goals.

3. What is the timeline of the transition?

Brother Bessey will transition to his new role as Chief Advancement Officer (CAO) immediately. In the interim, Assistant Executive Director Kyle Phillips will handle the operational duties of the Executive Director. A search committee has been formed to begin the process of pursuing and hiring a new full-time Executive Director, with the expectation that a new hire will be made in spring 2022. The formal transition from Brother Bessey to the new Executive Director will occur at the 181st Annual Convention in July 2022.

4. What are you looking for in a new Executive Director?

The Chi Psi Central Office will be posting a job description and application for the position shortly. Stay tuned!

5. Will this affect how the Central Office or Fraternity operate?

This transition will allow us the opportunity to make more permanent hires within the Central Office, re-envision the duties of some existing roles, and expand in a greater capacity in the future (which includes a potential Leadership Development Center on the Central Office property in Nashville, additional alumni educational development, and further work on the Fraternity’s Strategic Vision for 2030.