182nd Convention: Undergraduate Delegate Registration

Please complete the form below if you are one of your Alpha's three sponsored Convention delegates. At the 182nd Convention, the Spencer Institute will have education tracks that focus on the #1, the #4, and recruitment chairmen.

If you are your Alpha's #5 or an additional delegate from your Alpha, you should complete the extra delegate registration form here. Please contact your Alpha Success Advisor or Kyle Phillips at kphillips@chipsi.org with any technical difficulties or questions regarding undergraduate registration. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

182nd Convention - Undergraduate Delegate Registration

Registration for undergraduate delegates for the 182nd Annual Convention in Atlanta, GA.

  • If you do not have a middle name, please write "none."
  • For your name tag at Convention.
  • If you are an international student, please type "N/A."
    If you are unsure which track to select, please leave your selection blank, finish and submit the form, and then contact your #1. The #5 Track is only for those who are specifically invited to attend. Unless specifically told, you should register only for the #1, #4, and Recruitment Tracks.
    If you live within 6 hours of Atlanta, GA, you are expected to drive. If you live more than 6 hours from Atlanta, you may fly OR drive, but please indicate here. Those flying will have flights booked for them by the Central Office.
  • If you don't have a KTN, you may ignore.
  • Add mode of transportation, arrival date and time, and any other relevant information.
  • Only if your city has multiple (ex. JFK/LGA/EWR)
  • Ex. Early Morning, Before Noon, Afternoon, No Preference (please note this is preference only, we cannot guarantee your departure time)
  • Please put "none" in the form if this doesn't apply to you
  • Please put "none" in the form if this doesn't apply to you
  • Please include any other important notes about your expected travel plans here.