182nd Convention: Alumni Accreditation

In order to be recognized for the purpose of voting at the 182nd Convention Business Session, alumni entities must submit materials to the Central Office to verify that they are an active alumni entity in good standing with both Chi Psi Fraternity and the state in which they reside. As a reminder, only one alumni entity per Alpha may be accredited at the Business Session.  Please confirm which entity will be recognized at Convention prior to filling out either form.

Please also note that this year, if you are a Corporation that is not accredited in your state, you will fill out the Advisory Board submission form instead. The fee for alumni accreditation is $275. You may complete that payment via ACH/Debit/Credit here: Alumni Accreditation. You may also send a check to the Chi Psi Central Office: 45 Rutledge Street, Nashville TN 37210. Please note that checks must be received by July 17th, 2023. 

If any Regional Associations/Alumni Clubs wish to seek accreditation at the 182nd Convention Business Session, please contact John Jackson at jjackson@chipsi.org for accreditation information. You may also contact him for general accreditation questions.

To register, complete whichever form below applies to your alumni entity:

To pay for accreditation, visit the payment form HERE.