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Mission and Values

Chi Psi Mission Statement

Chi Psi is a private fraternity of gentlemen devoted to the personal and collective needs of its members. A selective association of diverse individuals, Chi Psi is dedicated to the cultivation of a unique environment which instills a lifelong commitment to brotherhood.
The mission of the Chi Psi Fraternity is to create and maintain an enduring society which encourages the sharing of traditions and values, respect for oneself and others, and responsibility to the university and community.

Chi Psi Fraternity Values
Chi Psi is defined by the values which are collectively accepted by its members. The extent to which these values are practiced is the measure of our fraternity.
Chi Psi is a unique brotherhood which forges among individuals a lasting bond that transcends self-interest and the limitations of time or place.
Chi Psi is committed to the growth of the individual in a social environment which nurtures integrity, dignity and maturity while enjoying shared experiences and college sociability.
Chi Psi recognizing that academic achievement is fundamental to the development of the individual, stands for intellectual growth and the attainment of human potential.

Chi Psi believes that the role of the Fraternity is to guide each Alpha in the responsible self-government of its affairs within a common framework established by the constitution and by-laws of the Fraternity.

Chi Psi acknowledges its responsibility to the larger community of which it is a part by encouraging personal and collective involvement in serving the needs of the university, the community and society.

Chi Psi, while recognizing that change is inevitable and desirable, believes that tradition provides stability in a rapidly changing world and develops a sense of personal identity in an impersonal society.

Chi Psi Fraternity stands as proof that commitment to mutual assistance in these shared values, given in youth, does not alter or diminish with age.


1963 Restatement of Principles of Chi Psi Fraternity
      "A few forsake the throng and seek retirement for its proper use." - William Cowper
Chi Psi is a private association dedicated to the development of deep and abiding friendship among its members.

Chi Psi seeks to establish in this relationship among its members a sense of purpose larger than one's self, cultivated through simple unselfish acts, conciliation of dispute, and thoughtful awareness of the total needs of others.

The Fraternity asks of its members, and provides the opportunity for, acceptance of heavy responsibility in individual and group self-government.

Men in Chi Psi are concerned with intellectual, cultural, moral and social development as the foundations of lasting friendship, and the Fraternity supports them in their concern.

Chi Psis, in association, are part of a larger educational community, and the thinking of this larger community is a basic part of all Chi Psi endeavors.
Through its belief that Fraternity relationships are continuing in nature, Chi Psi seeks to further the relationship and communication between an alumnus, the Alpha, and the host collegiate institution.

Chi Psi believes that its objectives may be best realized through participation in an association of Alphas on a national level for the accomplishment of common goals and purposes.

Inasmuch as participation in Chi Psi is a personal experience, its activities are primarily of interest only to the Chi Psi family.

Within the intimacy of the Fraternity, Chi Psi is pledged to cultivate an awareness of our Brotherhood with all humankind.

Background to the 1963 Restatement of Principles -- The above statement was adopted by the 122nd Convention of Chi Psi in 1963 as a restatement of the basic principles on which the Fraternity was founded. The Convention viewed with alarm the apparent direction being taken by some colleges in the period of student protest and general college unrest in the 1960s. The Fraternity devoted significant time to studying Chi Psi relationships from within and without, and this public statement of purpose was adopted at the 1963 Convention.

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